Sep 5, 2022
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Why can’t you eat after 6 pm, or is it a myth?

Why can't you eat after 6 pm, or is it a myth?

Many diets involve not eating after 6pm. It is believed that this method is one of the most effective. It’s time to sort this out.

Why can’t you eat after 6 (18:00 pm)?

The long-term proverb “Eat breakfast yourself …”, which was invented by our distant ancestors, is world famous. Apparently, they had special reasons for this. When the sun disappears below the horizon, life on earth stops. Flowers close their buds, and a person’s metabolism slows down. Now you understand why it is bad to eat after six? Food is converted not into nutrients, but into fat cells, as a heavy dinner does not have time to digest.

What to advise those who firmly decided not to eat after 6?

1. If you are hungry in the evening, then try to distract yourself. You can do housework, surf the Internet, read an interesting book, chat with friends on your mobile, or plunge into watching a movie. Someone on the Internet even joked about this: “If you feel like eating at night, then go to the kitchen, drink 2 glasses of water and quickly go to bed and go to bed before the stomach realizes that you have deceived it.”

2. Most likely, it will be difficult for you to refuse food after 6, so you can afford the products from our list: cottage cheese, different types of vegetables (beets, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, radishes), some types of fruits (for example, apples, melons, apricots , citrus fruits or watermelon), berries are also possible (but not jam from them). Eat low-calorie foods like low-fat yogurt, boiled chicken or fish, and other “steam” foods.

3. Do not drink alcohol or tonic drinks at night.

4. With insomnia, you can eat cheese, milk or crackers.

5. A well-known way is to walk before bed and take relaxing baths, which will help you fall asleep.

6. Eat more often during the day, adding less spices to dishes (they whet the appetite during cooking)

7. Make sure that relatives do not eat different yummy things with a lot of calories in front of you.

Everything has its pros and cons, so some believe that the diet is not effective due to the difference in sunsets in summer and winter, and so on. We can have dinner at work, and sometimes we come from there even after 6 … so plan your day as you see fit.

You decide what is good and what is bad. You need to listen to the recommendations of experts, but at the same time draw your own conclusions – only then will the balance be established.

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