Jun 22, 2022
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Why breasts don’t grow

Why breasts don't grow

The question “Why is the breast not growing?” excites many women, because everyone wants to look attractive and sexy, and men everywhere only repeat how they like women with forms. If during adolescence everything could be referred to the maturation period that passes differently for all girls, then at an older age, when that very puberty has already happened a long time ago, and the breasts have not increased, sad thoughts begin to visit women, and they acquire complexes.

According to experts, there are many factors that affect breast growth. First, it is a genetic predisposition. If for many generations a girl in her family had women with small breasts, then it is most likely that she will not grow to fabulous sizes either.

The second reason is the hormonal background. Mammary gland, its functioning, shape, size, etc. largely dependent on hormones, and more specifically, on estrogen. Therefore, the fact that the breast does not grow may indicate hormonal deficiency or a malfunction in the hormonal system of a woman. Depression, nervous tension, and taking hormonal drugs, lack of vitamins, bad habits and malnutrition can lead to hormonal disruptions. Often, a malfunction of the glands in the body is caused by a combination of all these factors.

Very often, residents of large cities and industrial areas complain about small breasts. In such cases, poor ecology can serve as the reason for the lag of the female breast in development. Various types of overwork can also negatively affect breast growth: psycho-emotional, physical, etc.

Many of the fairer sex are themselves to blame for the fact that their breasts do not grow. Having panicked about this at an early age, they try in every way to influence the chest so that it grows. Vacuum augmentation and plastic surgery performed at a young age can slow down or stop breast growth. However, professional athletes and women who have had serious illnesses and injuries also face this problem.

There are a lot of reasons why breasts do not grow. Some of them can be eliminated and start breast growth, but some will have to come to terms.

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