Aug 1, 2022
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Why benefits for housing and communal services do not work in full


Even with a discount of 50%, you can not get it.

Veterans of labor have the right to receive compensation for housing and communal services at 50%. However, in reality this amount is much less. Why this happens, lawyer Irina Sivakova explained.

Basically, beneficiaries observe reduced figures for compensation in the summer, since at the moment the regional authorities are establishing the procedure for granting benefits to labor veterans. And most regions have switched to calculating compensation for housing and communal services “according to actual consumption.” In this case, the regional standard for the consumption of the corresponding service is taken into account.

And if a veteran used 5 cubic meters of water with a regional standard of 3, then compensation will be calculated based on the norm, that is, it will cover payment for only 1.5 cubic meters of water, writes

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