Nov 21, 2022
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Why are we still not selling shells to Ukraine, if it is so profitable?

Why are we still not selling shells to Ukraine, if it is so profitable?

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin/Global Look Press

In the next two years, Russia’s public debt will grow strongly, according to the plans of the Ministry of Finance, it will increase to 17.5% of GDP. What for? There is no answer to this question. Over the current year, the Russian Federation has formed a colossal trade surplus, with proper use it will be enough for many projects that the country needs so much. But there are other means, of which there are many times more. But for some reason they continue to freely flow abroad.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Finance, by 2025 the amount of public debt will increase to 29.9 trillion. rubles or 17.5%. Of these, domestic – up to 25 trillion. rubles, external – up to 4.9 trillion. rubles. For comparison: in 2021 it was, respectively, 16.5 trillion. rubles and, 4.4 trillion. rubles, and with a surplus budget.

Why Russia has a public debt is not at all clear. On the one hand, capital is being withdrawn from the country in an endless stream, economists estimate its outflow at trillions of dollars. And in 2022, at least $500 billion, or even a whole trillion, will be dragged across the cordon – in this regard, the year will be a record one. As you know, the authorities do not prevent this in any way. Curiously, even the condemning rhetoric on this topic has completely disappeared. You see, everything is as it should be. Who needs?

At the same time, the state borrows, and quite expensive. If “on the fingers”: you have 1000 rubles, you put them in a deliberately unreliable bank (foreign), which will definitely steal them from you. And then you take a loan from another bank at 10% per annum, for the same amount.

Are you saying it doesn’t happen? Yes, it doesn’t happen in everyday life, his relatives will immediately hand over such a “financier” to good doctors so that they prescribe him a course of haloperidol. Or another drug “from the head.” Along the way, they will also be declared incompetent, with all the ensuing consequences.

But in the state finances of the Russian Federation, for some reason, this does not shock anyone, no one protests against such sabotage. There is a lot of money in Russia, very much. Although officials are trying their best to rectify this situation.

“There is no need to take out loans and feed financial speculators with our hands, because we need to find out what the price of a loan really is. So, the budget does not borrow from the independent market, it borrows, first of all, from state-owned banks. That is, in principle, he can borrow at 0%, and no one but a handful of state oligarchs will be interested in this, ”explains the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Mikhail Delyagin.

Actually, he is not the only one who understands the essence of the problem; there are enough competent economists in Russia. However, there is no sense in this, no one listens to specialists, and the so-called “liberals” continue to pursue their policy. Frankly wrecking, if we call a spade a spade.

State securities, indeed, will be bought first of all by state-owned banks. And they will receive income from them. Interesting logic… Why are these state-owned banks needed at all, what function do they perform in the Russian economy? Perhaps they lend to someone, inexpensively, at 1-2% per annum? There is no such thing. Do they build certain necessary enterprises themselves, develop the economy? And there is no such thing, in principle. On the other hand, these are large holders of domestic public debt, they have good profits from it. State banks from the state. Somehow everything is wrong, it all smells very, very bad.

Including the patriotic assurances of the Ministry of Finance that debts in rubles are good.

“Given that the yield of Russian ruble bonds is higher than the yield of Eurobonds, such an exchange could lead to an increase in the cost of public debt. It is unlikely that this group of investors will be offered lower returns than everyone else,” says Associate Professor at the RUDN University Institute of World Economy and Business Vladimir Grigoriev.

At the same time, the funds received from the export of energy resources within the framework of the “budget rule” will be stored – they will not go into the economy. As before, they did not go, they were sent to the National Welfare Fund (NWF). This very fund is now for the most part “frozen”, that is, stolen. And they obviously want to repeat the story with the FNB. Take more resources out of Russia, supply the West with them, and leave our country with nothing. That is, debt.

“We are waging an undeclared war with the collective West, but at the same time, the mechanisms of robbery by this very West of Russia continue to function, and the scale of robbery is growing. It is clear that in this scenario, Russia has every chance of losing this war. To win it, Russia needs to radically change the entire system of managing the country’s economy.

Including, first of all, in the sphere of foreign trade and foreign economic relations. The first thing to be done in this area is to introduce strict state management of Russia’s foreign trade. It should not serve the interests of the collective West and a narrow group of so-called “Russian” oligarchs, but provide the country with vital consumer and industrial goods. Deliveries of goods for export should cover Russia’s needs in foreign currency for the purchase of vital goods and not a penny more!” – says Doctor of Economics, Professor Valentin Katasonov.

It’s also quite elementary truths, repeatedly passed, including in our country. During the years of industrialization, this is exactly what they did, and nothing prevents them from repeating it. At that time, our country had no less hostile environment, but after all, we survived, built a new economy, and thanks to this we won the terrible war. Unleashed against us by the same “collective West”. Nothing changes here. But inside the country everything is different.

“As the good guys who are now fighting in the Donbass told me, the situation is terrible. Ahead of the Bandera, and in the rear of the Vlasov. We don’t need this, we don’t need it for nothing. Let’s not get into trouble, ”says the Russian public figure Vladimir Kucherenko.

Alas, that is exactly what it is. Irritation with the policy of the ruling elite is growing, and we are no longer talking about “misunderstanding” of the decisions that are being made. Everyone already understands everything perfectly and has no illusions. Only one question remains open – when will the critical mass be reached with all the ensuing consequences.

The “liberals” are clearly in a hurry, as are their masters. According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, European gas storages are 93.6% full, in Germany – as much as 97.5%. This has already led to a sharp collapse in prices, as the “common people” calmed down – they had time. In the sense of pumping out more resources from stupid Russians. There is even too much gas, as supplies from the Russian Federation do not stop. Gazprom daily reports exactly how many millions of cubic meters have been pumped through the Ukrainian pipe. For Westerners, and for Bandera too. Who shoot our prisoners. Somehow all this is already quite beyond good and evil.

“The surplus of gas in Europe is expected to last until at least December. It is unlikely that Europe will face an extended cold spell in November,” said a senior analyst at Italian energy company Illumia. Giacomo Masato.

In other words, they were very afraid of something, and obviously in Russia. But this “something” did not happen. Unfortunately. But it will happen, there are simply no other options. And so it remains only to establish regular supplies of ammunition to the European Union, so that they transfer them to Ukraine. However, practically it also becomes – in the financial plan. We fund our adversaries.

The question is when will this turn in politics, if you can call it that. It is important to be in time before the Ministry of Finance has untwisted a new GKO-OFZ “pyramid”, as it was Yeltsin. How much then, with the help of these valuable papers, was pumped out of our country, it is not known to this day. And there are already suspicions that everything is going to that. But this should not happen again.

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