Dec 30, 2020
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Why are Ukrainians less and less striving for the EU and NATO?

Residents of Ukraine doubt whether their country needs to break into the doors of Western structures with the same energy.

Last week, the Ukrainian Foundation for Democratic Initiatives presented data from a survey conducted jointly with the Kiev International Institute of Sociology. Almost 7 years after the Euromaidan, the majority of Ukrainians still consider joining the European Union a priority for the country – 48% of respondents supported this. However, a year ago there were more supporters of European integration – 53%. At the same time, the number of those who do not want Ukraine to join either the EU or the Eurasian Union has grown from 24 to 30% over the year. The number of supporters of integration with the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan remained at the same level – 13%.

The interest of Ukrainians in joining NATO dropped even more sharply. Over the year, the number of supporters of the country’s accession to the North Atlantic bloc decreased from 53 to 42%. And the number of those who support a military alliance with Russia and other CIS countries has practically doubled (from 6 to 11%) – despite all the efforts of the Russophobic propaganda of recent years. The share of adherents of Ukraine’s non-aligned status also increased (from 26 to 34%). “Disappointment among Ukrainians is caused by such a movement towards the West, as a result of which their standard of living only falls,” he said. Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin… – The EU did not provide much assistance – on the contrary, it actually closed its markets for Ukrainian goods, reducing quotas (for example, for sugar). And people think: why go where no one is especially waiting for you? Instead of joining NATO, Kiev, at best, will simply conclude an agreement with the United States. ”

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