Jan 4, 2022
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Why are empaths acting weird around fake people …

Why are empaths acting weird around fake people ...

7 signs of a fake person that only empaths will understand

By definition, empaths are emotionally sensitive people who absorb the emotions and feelings of others. Sounds like a tedious job, right? Imagine being able to absorb all these feelings by being around a fake person. It is perplexing, frustrating, and tormenting.

Have you ever spent time with someone who seemed quite nice and kind-looking, but when you were close to them or sat next to them, you felt … terrible? You could hardly come up with a sentence. In a colloquial manner, this is because your sensitive antenna picks up what is wrong. You know that what you see and what is actually happening do not match, and that usually means that someone is hiding something.

Highly sensitive people need honest, deep, and meaningful relationships with others.

Why empaths behave strangely around insincere people:

Empaths are gifted with reading body language and energy. They don’t put up with lies or deception.

7 signs of a fake person that only empaths will understand:

  • He acts like a weak-willed person, so others automatically accept him.
  • He smiles and acts friendly, but is actually seething with anger and hatred.
  • He feels vulnerable and unprotected and tries to act tough.
  • He forces himself to act in a certain way, which goes against his personality.
  • He constantly says good things to gain recognition.
  • He lies or exaggerates stories to please others.
  • After recognizing a fake person, empaths behave like this:
  • Avoid them. It’s not that they are doing something wrong, empaths just don’t get positive vibes from them.
  • They form logical sentences and speak extremely difficult.
  • They feel the approach of fear and discomfort around them. It only dissipates when the forgeries go away.
  • Feel physically ill by spending long periods of time around them.
  • Feel helpless and exhausted.
  • Empaths do not think that they are better than anyone, but there are people with whom it is simply impossible to be tolerant.

An increased sensitivity to the world makes them physically and emotionally ill.

For most people, their biggest cause of unhappiness has to do with not knowing themselves. When we hide part of ourselves from the world without knowing why, it hurts us. Be your true and authentic Self – it is emotionally liberating!

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