Jun 15, 2022
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Why Americans are looking for statements by the Russian Foreign Minister on Arabic sites

“Everyone can speak, but our role is to determine whose words can be heard”

World-famous American philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky said in an interview that American censorship of Russian officials has reached insanity.

“Why am I forced to look for statements by the Russian Foreign Minister on the Al Jazeera website? Chomsky says. – The minister makes proposals to overcome the grain crisis, but the American authorities hide his words from their citizens. If you suddenly bring up this topic, you will immediately be branded a supporter of Putin and a communist rat … Just an amazing situation … “. Sergey Lavrov, as you know, said that the West is trying to use the “grain issue” in Ukraine as a constant irritant. The Minister guaranteed the unhindered export of Ukrainian grain by sea.

“Anyone who says something objectionable … is threatened with dismissal, harassment, various kinds of bans and even criminal charges. Today, censorship defines public discourse in the United States, – says the reviewer Fox News Tucker Carlson. “…Why are they afraid of freedom of speech, since it wasn’t always like this?”

America’s most popular TV presenter is not quite right. Censorship has always existed in the US. She came to British America along with the Mayflower sailing ship, which in 1620 brought the first settlers to the New World from England. One of them, Thomas Morton, was sent to prison for writing a book condemning the genocide of the indigenous population.

In 1734, newspaper publisher John Peter Zenger criticized New York Governor William Cosby, and he was imprisoned without trial.

Twenty-odd years after the Revolutionary War, the US Congress passed the Subversion Act (Sedition Act 1798), which forbade “write, print, speak or publish…anything false, scandalous or vicious” an essay about the government, president and congress with punishment for violation of up to two years in prison.

In 1873, a federal law was passed prohibiting the mailing of obscene material (Comstock’s law). At various times, under the definition of “obscene literature” prohibited for shipment, fell “Moll Flanders” by Daniel Defoe, “Ulysses” by James Joyce, “Candide” by Voltaire, “Decameron” by Boccaccio, “A Thousand and One Nights” and many other books.

In 1918, the Incitement Act was passed, according to which anyone who criticized the government could be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 20 years.

During the McCarthy era, hundreds of people were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for dissent.

Under President Eisenhower, John W. Powell, a journalist who reported that the United States waged germ warfare in the Korean War, was charged with sedition and given a lifetime ban from journalism.

The 1956 burning of the books of German scholar Wilhelm Reich, who fled to America from the Nazis, has been called the worst example of censorship in the United States.

Censorship has always accompanied life in America, but it has gained its greatest scope in recent years.

In July 2014, 38 journalistic organizations signed an open letter to US President Barack Obama criticizing his attempts to “choke or block” objectionable media. The letter said that Obama used the Espionage Act to jail a record number of sources used by journalists.

In the last year of Trump’s presidency, the Democrats staged an information blockade against him, which helped Biden win the presidential race. With the arrival of Biden in the White House, the liberal media began to limit the influence of publications supporting the Republicans by all means (Breitbart News, Washington Times, Western Journal, The Epoch Times).

On February 24, 2021, the U.S. Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce began hearings on Fanning the Flame: Disinformation and Extremism in the Media (Fanning the Flame: Disinformation and Extremism in the Media). The committee concluded: “The increasing use of some broadcast and cable networks to spread conspiracy theories and misleading or knowingly false information raises questions about their commitment” (The expression “conspiracy theory” is a label that is attached to those who disagree with the “masters of discourse”).

Before the congressional hearing, two members of the committee, Democrats Anna Eshu and Jerry McNerney, sent a letter to a number of providers demanding that they respond to what they are doing to combat the “spread of misinformation.” Vigilant Democratic lawmakers asked: “What steps did you take before, during, and after the November 3, 2020, and January 6, 2021 elections to monitor and reduce the spread of disinformation?.. Do you plan to continue working with Fox News, OANN I Newmax on your platform both now and after contract renewals? If so, why? Channels Fox, Newsmax and OANN were considered by the authors of the letter as distributors of disinformation.

Company Newmax called the Democrats’ letter an “attack on free speech” and such attacks have been repeated regularly in recent times.

Speaking recently in Copenhagen, Barack Obama called for the elimination of independent media before the 2024 presidential election. He called for a worldwide ban on content that is (in Obama’s eyes) “disinformation” or “conspiracy theories.” “We must take steps to detoxify our discourse” Obama said.

The call was heard by George Soros, who began buying up Hispanic radio stations across America ahead of the midterm elections coming up in the fall, hoping to secure the support of Hispanic immigrants for the Democrats. A group of Hispanic investors funded by Soros bought 18 radio stations in 10 cities for $60 million, merging them into a Latin American media network. Latin American Media Network (LMN)led by Stephanie Valencia and Jess Morales Roquetto, who previously worked for Obama and Hillary Clinton. The AM and FM radio stations acquired by Soros are located in the 10 largest Latin American markets of the country, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Las Vegas.

And the new CEO of the banned in the Russian Federation Twitter proclaimed a course towards the complete elimination of dissidents from the sphere of public discourse: “Everyone can speak, but our role … is to determine whose words can be listened to.”

“We are in an America that no previous generation would have known… If our decline is not resolutely and soon halted, we will soon begin to burn books. We are already symbolically burning anyone who dares to express an opinion that differs from the opinion of the democratic media,” – writes the American Internet portal Problems and ideas.

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