Feb 20, 2021
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Why adversity leads to a good cause

Why adversity leads to a good cause

How difficult it is at times to forget all your hardships and failures, to get back on your feet and go forward. Sometimes so many things pile up: problems at work, lack of money, quarrels with loved ones … How to endure all the blows of fate with a smile and not lose courage?

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev has answers to all these questions, and he is happy to share them with his parishioners. Andrey is sure that absolutely everything that happens in a person’s life is God’s providence.

No matter how bad or good these events are, they still have a big impact on the picture of your existence as a whole. The archpriest claims that we simply do not see the entire outline of our destiny. The only way out is to rely on God and trust him completely.

“The providence of God in a person’s life is his test for us. Providence means thinking ahead, predicting something. God always knows what will happen next, and therefore will never lay on your shoulders more than you can stand! ” We bring to your attention a conversation with Andrey Tkachev, in which he explains how to survive quarantine and not quarrel with loved ones.

Parables about the providence of God are often heard in the lips of an archpriest. However, the best is the parable of the righteous Joseph. His brothers wanted to take his life out of envy.

Joseph was a famous dreamer to whom God revealed the future in dreams. In this future, Joseph became a great man, which he told his brothers about. The fate of Joseph was very difficult.

He was sold into slavery, but eventually ended up in Egypt, where he became Pharaoh’s advisor. Joseph predicted the future for the ruler of Egypt himself. When the brothers saw him again, they did not even recognize him, he looked so majestic.

When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, they were completely sure that he would immediately execute them. However, Joseph did not blame his brothers for anything. He sincerely believed that it was God who sent him to Egypt by the hands of his brothers. This was his purpose and only God could foresee it.

Although Joseph went through so many troubles and hardships, he became a great and rich man. It was difficult not to give up, but he relied on God and his providence.

“Due to our inattention, we do not at all notice the loving gaze of God, who always supports us, and who is always there!”

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