Apr 17, 2021
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Why a healthy lifestyle has become popular

Why a healthy lifestyle has become popular

A healthy lifestyle is an integral part of a modern person. This is very commendable, but everyone has their own opinion on this matter. True, there are common misconceptions that may not heal the body, but harm it.

Why give up your favorite food when you can just cook it differently? Instead of torturing yourself with tasteless salads and suffering on the treadmill 4 times a week, you need to understand what you are striving for. Fanaticism does not allow you to fully enjoy life, becomes a habit, and as a result, the body gets tired faster, immunity is weakened.

The goal of leading a healthy lifestyle should not be imposed, it is important that it is your conscious choice. We decided to find out if our beliefs about a healthy lifestyle are actually correct.


A healthy cereal, a source of slow carbohydrates, a favorite breakfast for athletes and adherents of good nutrition. It turns out that eating it every morning is undesirable, especially if the body lacks calcium. This porridge interferes with the absorption of calcium, so it is better to eat it at least every other day.

Morning running

The laudable desire to strengthen your body can result in damaged joints and shorten your life by several years. These are the conclusions reached by the cardiologist from the United States Martin Matsumar. He noticed that people with a sedentary lifestyle and those who often run in the morning live less than those who engage in moderate physical activity. After sleep, the body is relaxed, especially the joints.

All professional athletes must do a preliminary warm-up to avoid injury. Also, running is contraindicated for people with varicose veins and problems with the cardiovascular system. It is very important to have adequate healthy sleep, and sports should not interfere with this. Lack of sleep is worse than a couple of extra pounds.

Raw vegetables

“The best thing is to eat fresh vegetables, they contain a maximum of useful substances,” lovers of healthy food say with one voice. Indeed, raw vegetables have healthy fiber and a ton of nutrients, but boiled, steamed, or baked vegetables have other benefits. Not everyone can eat raw vegetables, for some people it causes bloating, indigestion, so it would be quite reasonable to bake the same broccoli or zucchini in the oven.


A universal trainer for all muscles, an environmentally friendly mode of transport can harm your health. It’s about the seat. If it is not raised enough or too high, the joints will suffer. The type of sitting also plays an important role: a convex solid compresses arteries and nerves, which can cause impotence in men.

Refusal of sweets

Most believe sugar is the cause of obesity and cardiovascular problems. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle will exclude sweets from the diet, but in vain. Fructose helps athletes stay productive, and sugar is also essential for normal brain function. It is better to replace purchased sweets with homemade ones; there are dried fruits instead of dubious chocolates.

Wheat germ

There is an opinion that sprouted wheat grains are an invaluable treasure of vitamins for the body. The lectin contained in wheat does not allow the human body to function normally. Plants need this substance for protection. With frequent use of products containing lectins, there is a risk of harm to the digestive tract.


Swimming is useful physical activity only if you do it in moderation and correctly. If you are not involved in sports swimming, it is better to refuse breaststroke swimming, as this can injure unprepared tendons and disrupt the uniform work of the muscles.

It is good if you work out with a coach, but if not, it is better to swim on your back or choose a swimming style that will not harm you.


Strict diets can lead to a decrease in metabolism, bad for the heart. The diet should include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The correct diet can only be made by a qualified specialist, and an independently drawn up nutrition plan in which, for example, carbohydrates or fats are completely excluded, can only do harm.


Vegetable milk is made from extracts of seeds, grains, nuts, mixed with water. The healthiest of these is coconut, which contains all the essential fats caprylic acid, which helps fight infections. Soy milk contains a large amount of phytoestrogens, which can cause rapid tumor growth.

Fractional nutrition

They say that if you eat small meals 5 times a day, you can lose weight, and fractional meals will save you from hunger and breakdowns. Yes and no.
Eating food every 2-3 hours increases blood insulin levels and inhibits fat burning. This is a great option for those who want to maintain their original weight but not lose weight. Only after 3 hours does the insulin level return to normal, and meals should be a little more than 3 hours apart to achieve the desired result.

The goals and objectives of a healthy lifestyle should be objective. No need to get hung up on sports or nutrition, scold yourself for eating a piece of cake, or try to lift unbearable weight.

Exercising is essential for keeping fit and stamina, and it doesn’t have to be a gym. There are many sports, the main thing is to choose the right one and enjoy it.

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