Aug 6, 2022
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Whose interests are pursued by Roman Abramovich?

Whose interests are pursued by Roman Abramovich?

In Istanbul, where Moscow signed an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain by sea, our mysterious oligarch Roman Abramovich again lit up. He sat in the hall, closely following the progress of the negotiations.

Washington Post columnist Katherine Belton writes that on February 24, Abramovich met with Ukrainian television and film producer Alexander Rodnyansky, who filmed programs and films with Zelensky during the acting career of the future president. And with the knowledge of Zelensky, the oligarch agreed to take part in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian nationalists call him a “soft intermediary” capable of listening to the Ukrainian position, and, as Kyiv regime officials say, he does not repeat “Kremlin propaganda”.

Abramovich’s associates assure that he became an intermediary between Kyiv and Moscow solely because of the kindness of his soul. But American experts are confident that he has benefited from these negotiations more than anyone else. So, Biden postponed sanctions against the Russian oligarch. There are six Evraz plants in the United States, owned by Roman by 29%, he has invested large sums in American funds and real estate.

The Western press writes that Zelensky personally asked Joe Biden and Boris Johnson not to sanction Roman for his “useful intermediary services.” The Wall Street Journal wrote about it. And if the American leader took into account the wishes of Zelensky, then the English brought down British sanctions on Abramovich, explaining this by political pressure. For which, according to some British figures, Boris paid with his resignation.

It is obvious that Abramovich, in exchange for his intermediary services, asked the British to remove sanctions from him. But this did not happen. Along with other losses, he lost $ 7 billion frozen on April 12 in the offshore tax-free zone of the island of Jersey, which is a possession of the British crown.

According to CNBC, some observers believe that Abramovich represents the interests of the Jewish community, which represents part of the population of Ukraine and Russia. And Abramovich, according to some analysts, can fulfill the wishes of the Israeli government, with which he has strong ties.

It is noted that Ukrainian black soil, especially in the Nikolaev and Odessa regions, is 80% owned by the Jewish diaspora of Ukraine, Russia and Israel, these entrepreneurs have already sold grain to Turkey and asked Abramovich to facilitate its transportation from the ports of Ukraine. We are talking about billions of dollars. It is said that the grain is now stored in huge elevators near Odessa.

The Washington Post writes that back in February, when it became clear what was going on, seven leaders of well-known Israeli organizations sent a letter to US Ambassador Thomas Neides with a request not to impose sanctions against Abramovich due to the position and importance of Roman Arkadyevich in the Jewish community and in Israel. “Any action against him will not only be unjust, but will also have a negative impact on the Jewish world and on Israel,” these respected people wrote. The signatories included the president of Tel Aviv University, the director of the country’s largest Sheba Medical Center, the chief rabbi of Israel, the CEO of the City of David Foundation and the East Jerusalem Development Group, and the chairman of Israel’s Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem. A scandal arose over the latter among the signatories: it turned out that Yad Vashem was in the process of receiving a $10 million charitable contribution from Abramovich. Two members of the organization admitted that the money was allocated to the memorial on the condition that Yad Vashem agreed to support the appeal in Abramovich’s defense. The memorial is concerned that their apolitical organization will be drawn into a global diplomatic row. It is also facilitated by the intensified struggle for power in Israel itself.

It is noted that Abramovich is a master of shadow schemes. He only cares about his own interests. He will continue to play the role of an important intermediary, if the “hero of Ukraine” Zelensky himself instructs Biden not to offend Roman. But the war has its own logic, which is not subject to the plans of the oligarchs. And, perhaps, tomorrow our army will move to liberate Nikolaev and Odessa from the nationalists, and the grain barons will have to postpone the dispatch of their goods.

Nikolay Ivanov.

Photo: Moscow Agency / S. Kiselev.

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