May 4, 2022
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Whom and when will “Putin’s saboteurs” strike?

Whom and when will

Photo: Jochen Tack/ Look Press

This is where the guys came out. The shadow of the cruiser Moskva covered Big Ben. And it became finally clear who drowned the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. The British, as expected, let it slip “according to Freud.”

The rather influential English newspaper The Sunday Express published an article under the intriguing headline: “Who will be the next target of saboteurs Putin?

“England’s foreign intelligence service MI6 informed the Home Secretary Preety Patel and her entire team about a high-level threat,” the article says. “The Special Intelligence Unit has been tasked with stepping up monitoring of all tourists arriving in the country.” Maybe new again Petrova I Bosharova will be able to catch. According to intelligence officials, “threats will range from attacks on key infrastructure to operations” focused on “humiliating the British government and reducing popular support for actions that help the Ukrainians in their struggle.” Having translated from tricky English into understandable Russian, the juicy slap in the face shines on sirs, peers and other gentlemen in the worst manner.

Well, at the same time, in the course of the play, those who drowned for “square”, “may darling and ma plezhe” will fly in.

According to the publication, “a trusted security source is strictly confidential”, but for the general public said: “There is a serious concern that officers or agents of the Russian special services may try to enter the UK and target strategic installations.” “We are well aware of their capabilities and have seen how Putin uses these services in Eastern Europe,” intelligence is terrifying. Probably, this refers to the recent explosion of ammunition depots in the Czech Republic and the landing in Belarus of a plane with an activist of the Polish “Nexta”, flying from Poland to Lithuania.

Also in the article, for greater persuasiveness, the words of the director of the Strategic Risk Department of the MI6 Global Intelligence Directorate will come in handy Ed Johnson: “The Russians will seek to sow chaos, panic or distrust in our government.” After that, the “global intelligence agent” lists in detail the entire range of measures that the “treacherous Russians” can use. The list is impressive. Here are the destruction of substations, and cyber attacks, possible assassination attempts on ministers, agents (it is not clear, however, which ones and from which office), the publication of all kinds of documents, and much more. Only a nuclear strike is not enough. It seems that the British judge strictly on their own. For some reason, they still did not remember the import of tens of tons of drugs into unfriendly countries (they indulged in this in China, hooking millions of Chinese on opium).

And the icing on the cake of the “list of coming nightmares” was the import of currency into the UK to finance separatist organizations.

If at least a tenth of this list is implemented, the Britons will not be bored and will definitely not seem a little.

“The goal of all these actions is the same – to humiliate the UK and reduce popular support for Ukraine.” It turns out that Ukraine in England has “broad popular support.” That is, the average English lives according to the principle “I ate a sandwich in the morning – immediately thought: how are the people?” (Ukrainian, of course). Or: “John ate a rogal in Viennese – immediately thought: how is it Zelensky? In England, after all, every John is in love with the “square”!

And now – the essence of the “stream of consciousness” of the local James Bond.

First. With this text, the British actually admitted that the case with the cruiser “Moskva” was actually their work (and some in the SVR thought about the Americans …) It’s easier. You don’t have to spray.

Second. The British are quite reasonably afraid of Russian revenge. And they do it right. Only revenge is a dish that is usually served cold. So the timing of the counter-retaliatory strike is incomprehensible. Which again pleases. Let the Britons live in tension.

Third. The British have no idea where and to what object (or to which subject) the “response” will arrive. Otherwise, they would not have turned to the press, but would have ambushed the next Petrovs and Boshirovs. It also invigorates and also pleases. And he talks about two fundamental things – the underdevelopment of British agents in Russia, as well as the poor work of their own counterintelligence and the good conspiracy on the shores of foggy Albion of Russian intelligence.

Fourth. The British understand that revenge for “Moscow” is inevitable. Therefore, they decided to play it safe in the press. And when the action is inexorably accomplished, they now have every right to say: “We prevented it!” Thus, purely psychologically, to relieve some of the guilt from your shoulders. And they can pretend to wash their hands. Although, of course, they will not wash them to virgin whiteness. And tearing off heads and shoulder straps in the department of deep risks will still happen. Just maybe not with such a crunch …

Fifth. And the most interesting. The British do not doubt the perfidy of the Russians. Like, recent history is also teeming with examples of “exquisite revenge” of Russian intelligence officers – including on the shores of foggy Albion. Suffice it to recall the “polonium case” of the defector Litvinenkothe mysterious death of an oligarch Berezovskystrangled with a string in his own bath. Yes and business Violinist cannot be considered a complete failure – Petrov and Boshirov nevertheless left safely for home, and were not captured by MI6 agents.

As a matter of fact, the wits from the “Aquarium” have already conveyed their first greetings to the British. Widely known wits and hackers among the people Vovan I Lexusposing as Zelensky, they got through to the Minister of Defense and the Minister of the Interior of Great Britain. And they “floated” – with a sincere conversation. The “Defense Minister” blew out his tongue like a shoelace, blurting out a bunch of state secrets in five minutes of communication. And the chief policeman of the country, the inimitable Priti Pappel, was so fascinated by her interlocutor that, at his request, she repeated the famous Russian phrase “the Englishwoman is shitting” with a British accent caressing her ears.

The Britons quickly deleted the video in English YouTube (although it is in Routine), but the sediment, as they say, remained. I can imagine what a scandal boiled up after these interviews in both departments …

Although this common phrase has a continuation. And the scouts themselves came up with it. “Yes, the Englishwoman is shitting,” they say. “But we’ll shit that viper’s hood even harder.” Russian poison – it will be more outrageous than English … “.

So we are waiting for the “counter-response”. There will be a pipe for you, there will be a whistle. And global risks, and public humiliation. Even wondering what…

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