May 1, 2022
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Who writes the rules?

In the Solomon Islands, the order will not be American, but Chinese

Why did the United States “hang” the war for world domination on its most incompetent president? One part of the answer is the active process of preparing for this war, which began with the statement of Barack Obama in May 2016: “America must write the rules. America must make decisions. Other countries should play by the rules set by America and its partners, not the other way around.” Under Trump, this principle has emerged as the main decision-making mechanism: America first! The smokescreen of the scandalous 2020 U.S. election only covered up the massacre of the remnants of international law with hype. Trump launched the mechanism of the American dictatorship. America can do anything by forcing sanctions and pouring foreign blood on the road to its well-being. And all that remains is to lubricate the machine for suppressing anti-Americanism with dollar oil in time. And for this, the Washington invalid is quite suitable.

No less important is the fact that a new, active and tied to a specific party machine, the US president would quickly become inconvenient for the supranational industrial and financial oligarchy.

The world situation was changing rapidly. If only 6 years ago Obama’s “The world has changed». The rules change with it. The United States, not countries like China, should write them” seemed just a big phrase, but today there is enough evidence that this is the “new world order”. By 2016, the NSA had already cleaned up dissent within its nation by collecting and analyzing 200 billion pieces of data each month, including cell phone records, emails, web searches, and chats, using a data mining program. PRISM. “This complete awareness of its own citizens is the highest achievement of a paranoid state that seeks absolute control over its population,” believes News from the black list. The victory was complete. And it’s time to repeat it beyond your own borders.

With Russia, however, found a scythe on a stone. She was the first to refuse to wait for NATO forces to encircle her so that she could not move without violating US strategic interests. And now it is no longer “containment”, but a long-term confrontation with Russia for power and influence – the number one issue on the Pentagon’s agenda. The standoff in Ukraine is forcing the US to curry favor with the puppet Zelensky, who has felt his exceptional importance in the Pentagon’s “defensive” strategy. And the meeting at the American Ramstein airbase in Germany, where they discussed the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, makes Kyiv a birthday party in this marketplace of death.

The second half of April brought important news from the eastern theater of operations. “China says it has signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands, raising Australian and United States concerns about growing Chinese influence in the South Pacific”. Why? The Solomon Islands are just a scattering of islands in Melanesia, where half a million people live. The US for many years barely noticed the Solomon Islands, there was not even a US embassy in the capital of the Islands, Honiara, for almost 30 years. It was opened a year ago “to fight China,” writes AsiaPacific Ocean Research.

The security pact concluded between China and the Solomon Islands is dangerous because it destroys the idea of ​​the South Pacific as a US sphere of influence.

The security agreement that Beijing has made with the Islands allows it to moor its ships there, deploy security forces to protect the infrastructure it has built, and help the country’s government restore order. This order will be Chinese, so the US and Australia are panicking. Washington rushed senior White House and State Department officials to Honiara. The officials tried so hard that the Prime Minister of the Sogaware Islands answered the Americans sharply: “We find it very offensive… to be branded as incapable of managing our sovereign affairs.”. It looks like the US demarche is too late.

Details of a final agreement with China have not yet been made public, but the deal is believed to be close to a leaked version of the draft, which contains the possibility for the government to require China to send police and military in the event of local unrest.

how “the biggest mistake of Australian foreign policy in the Pacific” since the Second World War, the loss of the Solomon Islands in Canberra has been regarded. The Australian Labor Party criticized the coalition government so much that they even proposed to invade the Islands and overthrow the government there. And Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the appearance of a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would be a “red line” for Canberra and Washington.

It is symptomatic that much of the commentary in the US and Australia portrays the Solomon Islands case as a “duel” between Xi and Biden, which the latter lost, and urge the US to act before more dominoes of its “new world order” start to fall. However, this is not about Biden. The US and NATO have long since moved “defense boundaries” to the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific region. And this American foreign policy will outgrow Joe Biden’s presidency.

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