Nov 19, 2021
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Who will fall apart first: Russia or Ukraine?

In the photo: Dmitry Yarosh

In the photo: Dmitry Yarosh (Photo: Zurab Javakhadze / TASS)

The disintegration of Russia is a matter of one generation. So says the former leader of the “Right Sector *” Dmitry Yarosh, recently appointed adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeria Zaluzhny

“I don’t think this is a very distant prospect. It seems to me that this is the work of one generation. But I, for example, in 1989 could not even think that in 1991 the Soviet Union would collapse, ”Yarosh said, noting that in Russia the death of a tsar is always a shock, confusion.

He also added that China already practically owns the Far East and Siberia and is cutting down the taiga there, and the Muslim factor is a time bomb “which can explode at any moment and the empire will end.”

“We see the impact of the same Kadyrov in the North Caucasus. It seems that the Kremlin is paying tribute to him for keeping these rebellious territories, ”Yarosh said.

Well, about the Caucasian separatism, “the seizure of the Far East and Siberia” – are already boring horror stories. In Russia, hardly anyone takes them seriously. And in Ukraine, it seems, they believe. What else do they have to believe in? Last month, the former chairman of the Supreme Council of Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis stated that Kiev can return the Crimean peninsula under its jurisdiction only in the event of the “collapse” of Russia. Well, or, as the American columnist said Anatoly Liven, only in the event of a crushing military defeat for Moscow.

On the other hand, Yarosh is right that no one could have foreseen the collapse of the USSR, and even our geopolitical opponents in the person of the United States were horrified at the prospect of the spread of atomic weapons in various incomprehensible state formations. But times are different now.

By the way, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recently spoke about this. Vladimir Ohryzko, who argued that Russia could split into “ten normal countries.” The figure, of course, is most likely taken from the ceiling, the question is not that.

According to the diplomat, in the Russian regions people come out with the slogan “Stop feeding Moscow!” Proceeding from this, he concluded that Russia “is repeating the path of the USSR, like a blueprint.”

“I think that the West’s reaction to this process will be the same as it was in relation to the USSR: they do not want this, they are afraid of it. But I think that our function will be to explain to the West that it is more profitable for it to have ten peaceful, normal countries on the territory of the current Russian Federation than one wild and uncivilized one, ”Ohryzko said at the time.

Earlier, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine said that Russia cannot fall apart. Alexey Danilov

“Russia cannot withstand the state in which it is. It will fall apart, ”he said, adding that Russia is a multinational country, and, in his opinion, all peoples should live separately from each other.

Obviously, Ukraine really has nothing more to hope for. For many Ukrainian politicians, moreover, such statements are a way of gaining political points or simply reminding them of themselves. Well, it is understandable when the same Yarosh makes “hype” statements, but here is Ogryzko, a diplomat, a former minister … Did they go crazy there?

– In Ukraine, there can be no serious politicians in power today who are capable of responsible statements, – I am sure Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin

– We always forget that a real clown came to power in this country (he was brought), and his government is matched by all comedians, whose task is to play two well-known comedies on any material and for any reason: one is “European integration”, the second is the “war with Russia”.

“SP”: – Ukrainian speakers point to serious problems in Russia, comparing the situation with what happened in the early 90s …

– Yes, problems are growing in Russia. Yes, Ukraine largely contributes to this with its Russophobic policy. But if Russia is only moving towards collapse, then in Ukraine it has already happened – the “independent” one has ceased to exist as an independent state, turning into a chimera, where looting and sex tourism have long become the main branches of the economy.

“SP”: – Yarosh claims that the collapse of Russia is a matter of one generation, they say, no one believed in the collapse of the USSR either. In the latter, he is right …

– The disintegration of Russia is quite probable, but only in this case Yarosh and Ukraine will not get anything here anyway. Although it is possible that Yarosh has a dream to become a policeman in the Russian territories occupied by the West … Such is the “little Ukrainian dream” of Bandera’s people – to rise to the level of Gauleiters and Russian executioners under the Euro-American masters.

“SP”: – Earlier Ohryzko predicted the collapse of Russia “into 10 normal countries.” Is the figure taken from the ceiling?

– The old bike of Russophobes that in place of the Russian “empire” it would be good to create a dozen new independent states … Well, in place of the Soviet “empire” 15 independent states were formed – so what? Tell me at least one normal …

The impression of a more or less normal state is produced today only by Belarus (and even then due to support from the Russian Federation) and Uzbekistan. Accordingly, with the collapse of Russia (let’s say this will happen), several bantustans are formed in its place, which will be plundered by foreign bandits – that’s all.

Kiev clowns do not understand (or pretend) that the West has almost plundered Ukraine, but they diligently puff out their cheeks, portraying some of the characters almost in the foreground.

“SP”: – To what extent would the West benefit from the disintegration of Russia today?

– The West has always seen in Russia its main enemy and the coveted prey. And in this sense, he is ready to support any scheme of the collapse and subsequent redistribution of the Russian Federation. Of course, no one is interested in discussing any consequences there, even those related to the disposal of nuclear weapons. And who said that the United States did not support the collapse of the USSR? In 1991, they actually captured the USSR, and then the new Russia – and only during this period were they TEMPORARILY not interested in escalating the disintegration.

Accordingly, as soon as the obstinate appeared at the head of the Russian Federation Putin, everything has returned to normal – today the West and the United States are again seeking the disintegration of Russia and its subsequent disposal.

“Few could have thought in the fall of 2013 that Ukraine would lose three of its regions and get off with it easily, just because of the Kremlin’s political short-sightedness, without splitting in two along the Dnieper,” notes E.V. Limonov “** Andrey Milyuk.

– If I were Yarosh, I would not be fond of historical analogies – they work equally well in both directions. Yarosh takes in general the well-known problems of Russia, banal and many times spoken contradictions and twists them to the maximum. These are not political analytics, but naive dreams. So you can grow old, waiting for the corpse of the enemy to float along the river.

If you think a little, it becomes clear that the first and most ardent defender of Russian sovereignty will be Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov. Not out of love for everything Russian, but out of love for your own life. Russia, of course, buys peace in Chechnya, buys quite expensively, but Kadyrov also retains power in the republic thanks to reliance on the federal center. The Kremlin will lose its power, and the very next day a line will line up at the Kadyrov’s residence wishing to settle scores with him and resolve long-standing contradictions.

The same is with Yarosh’s other theses. The Chinese, Muslims, separatists from small nations are time mines that Putin has laid under the Russian statehood. Sooner or later they will all work, but rather late than early. This is definitely not a question of one generation – children should grow up, during whose life the crime of the 90s and the interethnic massacre on the outskirts of the former Soviet Union will be forgotten.

The day of the collapse of Russia, if this happens, will become a mourning day for Ukraine. The only raison d’être of this country is to be an enemy of Russia, a cordon sanitaire between Russia and Europe, poisoning the lives of the inhabitants of the Kremlin every day. Having lost its enemy, Ukraine will immediately find itself left without the support of the West, alone with its economic problems and dull agricultural nationalism.

Ukraine will still be very lucky if it is not dragged into the funnel of general disintegration, and at least remains with its lands – not that it will return Crimea and Donbass. When engaging in political speculation, one must remember that the most obvious problems usually do not “shoot” exactly because they are obvious to everyone, and everyone is ready for them, ready to resolve a sudden crisis. Danger must be expected from some latent contradictions, not yet manifested, but already poisoning the lives of our fellow citizens. But we forgot to ask Yarosh about it …

* By the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of November 17, 2014, the “Right Sector” was recognized in Russia as an extremist organization, its activities in the Russian Federation are prohibited.

** The organization is not registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

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