Nov 5, 2022
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Who will double the pension?


Special allowances for pensioners have become known.

At the beginning of the month, innovations came into force. Thanks to them, some categories of citizens are guaranteed increases in pensions. Let’s talk more about this.

Those Russians who have reached the age of 80 will double the fixed payment. The amount will be 14,441 rubles (previously – 7,220 rubles). It may increase if he has disabled family members on his payroll.

The pensions of workers in the coal industry and civil aviation have also been recalculated. They had to apply with this issue before October 1, based on data on employers’ insurance premiums.

The additional payment will increase in accordance with the duration of the special service, the amount of salary from the amount of contributions for additional traffic that came to the budget of the country’s Pension Fund. On average, the amount of payments is 4.7 thousand and 21.2 thousand rubles.

Pensioners – members of the flight crews of civil aviation aircraft – must have an appropriate length of service. Men who have worked 25 years will be considered, and women – 20 years. If the employee left the position due to health problems, then 20 and 15 years for men and women, respectively.

Pensioners of the coal industry, of whom there are about 35,000 in the country, can count on an allowance of 5,000 rubles. Experts note why people in this profession need such support.

Their services to the country cannot be underestimated. Creating favorable conditions for retired people in risky professions is an important humanitarian trigger, a litmus test that shows the state’s respect for brave people“, – said economist Andrey Loboda, quoted by “MK”.

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