Apr 29, 2021
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Who will defeat the SS division marching through Kiev?

In the photo: participants of the march of nationalists in honor of the day of the organization of the SS "Galicia" division

In the photo: participants in the march of nationalists in honor of the day of the organization of the SS division “Galicia” (Photo: Anna Marchenko / TASS)

In Russia, 16 members of the Ukrainian youth radical community “MKU” were detained, who were preparing the explosions of administrative buildings and armed attacks, according to the FSB.

Residents of Irkutsk, Saratov, Krasnodar, Tyumen, Chita, Tambov, Anapa, the Yaroslavl region and the Moscow region could be hit. Thus, the threat to fight in Moscow and Donetsk, voiced the day before by Ukrainian nationalists during their “anniversary” march in Kiev, is not an empty phrase.

A march in honor of the next anniversary of the creation of the SS division “Galicia” during the Second World War was held in the capital of Ukraine on the evening of April 28. The police guarded him. Prior to this, the Nazi action was carried out only in the west of the country – in Lvov, where in 1943 a division was created, recognized by the Nuremberg Tribunal as a criminal organization.

The participants marched to Maidan Nezalezhnosti, shouting nationalist chants and chanting anti-Russian slogans. According to one of the Nazis, soldiers of the SS division, recruited from Ukrainian volunteers, fought “With the communist and Stalinist regime”… This is what the “decommunization” has brought …

Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen warned radicals against associating with the Nazis. “Waffen CC units participated in the worst war crimes and the Holocaust”– she reminded. And Facebook began blocking accounts for posting photos and videos from the march. Reason for blocking: “Praising or supporting dangerous individuals or organizations”

Ukrainians are not delighted with what they saw. “Let me see it. An SS division entered my city “, “Ordinary fascism. Now this can be seen not only in the film “, “It’s a shame. Where is the power leading us – to Europe? And Zelensky said something about the fight against fascism, which was led by his grandfather. It’s good that he won’t see this “ – such comments can be found on the Web.

A revealing story about the celebration of the SS division was also shown on the Russian First Channel. Indeed, the characterization of the Kiev regime is more than eloquent. But why did the Kremlin stake on him? Why did he himself believe and persuade others that, having signed the Minsk agreements, Poroshenkoand then Zelensky transform Ukraine, turn it into at least a neutral state for Russia?

Political scientist Stanislav Smagin considers street Nazism in Kiev natural:

– When Zelensky came to power after Poroshenko, it seemed that he would act as a reboot-normalizer of the Ukrainian project, transferring it to the national liberal channel. Just as in Croatia at first there was an outspoken post-Nazi Franjo Tudjmanwho did all the dirty work against the Serbs, and the next president Stepan Mesich was already humane, liberal. But in reality, no humanization, no compromise with Donbass, with the Russian language happened.

Zelensky, although not without ambition, is in itself rather empty, weak, hesitating along with his entourage and external curators. Therefore, external and internal processes began to carry him and the situation in Ukraine to the right. As a result, in some aspects, he became almost to the right of Poroshenko. And given the fact that the external context, which is steadily shifting to an acute phase, sooner or later a big clash in Donbass, and possibly with Russia, is inevitable. Therefore, right-wing radicals feel more and more at ease.

Soon, a public council will function at Zelensky’s office, which will itself consider the cases of ATO veterans and protect their rights. Special legal proceedings and other preferences will be introduced for them. So the fact that this procession in honor of the SS division took place right now is not surprising.

“SP”: – It seems that the nationalists are pinched. Their sympathy for Nazism has already been condemned by the German ambassador to Ukraine. Will this play into the hands of Russia? Kiev may lose the protection of the West …

– Of course, Europe does not like all this. The Germans even have a kind of psychological trauma inflicted by Nazism. But one must understand that some “pro-Russian” voices are usually heard from a low political level. Therefore, one should not exaggerate and hope that Europe will see its light. It’s another matter that Europe is now partly removed from Ukrainian affairs. They are lower than America and even Turkey. Although immediately after 2014, Europe was almostaboutlshim operator of the Maidan than the United States, but then its weight gradually dropped. For her, Ukraine brings more and more problems and losses. But then why should Europe turn a blind eye to Kiev’s Nazi antics?

According to former DPR army soldier Benes AyoMoscow will one day have to use military force to eliminate Nazism in Ukraine.

– Nationalists not only walk the streets of Kiev, but are still part of the military machine of Ukraine. They constantly rotate, and as soon as the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine rotate with nationalists, shelling on the line of contact intensifies. Now there is even a new term VFU – the Armed formations of Ukraine. This is the Armed Forces of Ukraine plus radical nationalists.

When my comrades and I were at positions south of Donetsk in February 2019, the authorities informed us that the “right-wing” people had arrived on the opposite side. * They immediately began firing incendiary shells. Then there was a sharp increase in the shelling from mortars, from self-propelled guns. One person then died after a grenade attack.

Since then, the shelling has not stopped. Just a week ago, my colleagues said that the suburbs of Donetsk were fired from 120s, heavy mortars, prohibited by the Minsk agreements. There are wounded. We see that the supply of weapons is increasing, NATO exercises are taking place, British instructors and special forces are arriving. Zelensky goes to the “front”, where he is photographed in camouflage. He bought Bayraktar drones. A 5-year-old boy who was killed by a drone was recently buried. This is done to morally put pressure on the residents of Donbass.

“SP”: – One gets the impression that they are getting impudent in Kiev …

– Kiev is very encouraged by the victory of Azerbaijanis and Turks in Nagorno-Karabakh. They see that Russia did not come to the aid of even the closest ally in the CSTO and the Customs Union – Armenia, from which part of the territory was actually bitten off. And the unrecognized DPR and LPR are not even allies for Moscow. She herself calls them a part of Ukraine. Seeing such a devil-may-care attitude, Kiev expects that it will be able to win a military victory in the Donbas and avoid responsibility.

This is the background against which the Nazi marches take place. This is all for a reason. This is a single series of interrelated events. She says that Ukraine is preparing to fight, to squeeze the Crimea, Donbass.

And they are also tuned in to the Kuban and Krasnodar. Zelensky sends a message to the nationalists that he is his own. “Hai Bandera! let be Shukhevych! ” We can say that the nationalists do not have Zelensky’s support, but since the march took place in Kiev, and he, having all the levers of control, did not suppress it. This means that Zelensky himself is turning into a brutal nationalist.

When Zelensky came to power, he said that he himself was from the southeast of Ukraine and he should be given an opportunity for the development of the Russian language. But in reality, a law was passed that restricts the Russian language, actually prohibiting it. Russian schools are being closed, as in my homeland in the Baltics. By the way, in the same Riga there are also marches of SS veterans. This year, March 16, on the day of the Waffen SS, flowers were again laid at the Freedom Monument in the city center. Moreover, in this Nazi procession was attended by the deputies of the Seimas of Latvia. Maria Zakharova then she protested.

“SP”: – What to do?

– To stop this all, Russia must send peacekeeping troops, recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR in accordance with the principles of international law. I hope this will happen before the State Duma elections. By the way, Kazbek Taysaev from the Communist Party – the curator of Donbass from the State Duma appealed to To Putin with such a request, a requirement. And the head of the Communist Party of the DPR Boris Litvinov – the author of the declaration of independence of the DPR, has already developed an appropriate legal basis, tools for this process. He will present it to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

* The organization “Right Sector” by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of November 17, 2014 was recognized as an extremist organization, its activities on the territory of Russia are prohibited

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