Nov 25, 2022
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Who will be given the thirteenth salary this 2022?


The specialist told about all the subtleties of this award.

The thirteenth salary is a concept almost forgotten today, which essentially means a cash bonus or bonus based on the results of work for the year in the amount of another monthly remuneration. In Soviet times, many employees claimed such a payment. Who can count on money now, lawyer Natalya Greshnova said.

According to the expert, employees of the public sector, the military, employees of large companies can receive the bonus for the year. Those who work in small companies are also likely to be eligible for payments, but everything depends on their success during the year – if profits have grown significantly, then the manager may decide to pay bonuses. At the same time, Greshnova noted, many organizations today have switched to savings mode and can refuse bonuses instead of cutting staff.

The decision on who to reward with the 13th salary is made by the leaders on their own, and the reward does not always affect the entire team. Often, only distinguished employees or those who have long experience in this organization are awarded.“, – said the lawyer.

The specialist also said that the 13th salary can be paid to those who are in the state, and those who work under the GPC agreement and even retired citizens – everything is decided by the management of the company or enterprise.

Employers have no direct obligation to pay the thirteenth salary. But if such a condition is specified in the Regulation on remuneration, and the employee has fulfilled the necessary requirements, it is illegal to refuse payment”, — quotes the opinion of the lawyer agency “Prime”.

Earlier it became known that in 2023 the procedure for paying vacation pay may change. This applies to employees who applied for vacation less than three days before the expected day of vacation.

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