Sep 12, 2020
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Who will be given money in September in connection with the pandemic?

Parents whose children turn 3 in September are entitled to a payment of 10 thousand rubles. But this is not a new manual, but something that appeared back in June. It was just that it was impossible to use it until the baby was 3 years old. To receive money, you must submit an application to the FIU before October 1. Until the same date, applications continue to be accepted from parents who have not yet received child benefits due to the pandemic. Payments are possible for children, the eldest of whom turned 16 on June 30, 2020.

Until October 1, it is also possible to take a credit vacation, and until November 1 - a preferential mortgage at 6.5%. Until January 1, there is a deferral of fines for debts to housing and communal services, as well as increased hospital payments and the maximum unemployment benefit at 12,130 rubles.

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