Jun 10, 2022
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Who was sentenced to death by the DPR court – mercenaries or “prisoners of war”?

The outstanding Russian Soviet poet Nikolai Rubtsov (1936-1971) has in one of his poems the image of a doll that brings sadness with its resemblance to a person and inability to be a person. In The Farewell Song, Rubtsov writes:

To a girl, shaking a doll,
Never sat alone.
– Mommy, mommy! What a doll!
She blinks and cries…

Such dolls have become fashionable for a long time. No matter how you turn them, they react only this way and cannot do otherwise.

Nikolai Rubtsov could not have imagined in his time that Foreign Minister Liz Truss would appear in distant Britain – a creature that only knows how to blink and cry in any (political) position. In a recent performance, this legendary female minister put on a performance worthy of the world’s carpeted circus. “I irrevocably condemn the sentencing of Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner by Russian puppets in eastern Ukraine. They are prisoners of war. This is a shameful verdict without any legal basis. My thoughts are with their families. We will continue to do our best to support them.”

The doll condemns. How does she know that throughout the world, paid mercenaries who fight against the laws of war are considered terrorists and are subjected to the most severe punishment? For example, Iraqi security forces are cracking down on hired militants from extremist organizations on the spot, without waiting for a court verdict.

However, Liz Truss does not consider herself a doll with a head full of sawdust. She is a minister, she relies on reports from the British press, which depicts the trial and the verdict as follows: A court in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine has sentenced 28-year-old Aiden Aslin of Newark, 48-year-old Sean Pinner of Watford, and Saudun Brahim on charges of terrorism. Observers say the trial mimicked similar trials in Kyiv against war criminals in the Russian army. Both Britons served in the Ukrainian Marine Corps, belong to the regular units and must be protected by the Geneva Convention under the article “prisoners of war”. However, the Russian media portray them as mercenaries and the court convicted them under the article “mercenarism”.

From such reports, everyone will imagine that two loitering subjects of Her Royal Majesty and a stray Moroccan decided to take a walk around the Donbass, picking flowers and giving them to local girls. The Ukrainian authorities accepted them into the marines, put them on a kosht and issued weapons. And they also began to pay them amounts that are not comparable with the pennies of the Ukrainian mobilized.

However, the “Evil Empire” and its puppets from the DPR encroached on romantic Britonswho did not even think about making money by killing. They were caught, thrown into prison and sentenced to death. In London, Liz Truss blinks and cries on this occasion, although there it is just right to blink and cry for other high-ranking officials – those who fanned the fire of the civil war in Ukraine. The oddities of the British kingdom sometimes reach the point that these individuals can be called to account in Parliament when Ukraine is defeated, and the hired “dogs of war” become accused in an international court.

Although in war justice is administered in a different way. The RF Armed Forces did not hesitate to react to the appearance of mercenaries in Ukraine. Dozens of foreign guests have already been destroyed by Kalibr strikes. This is also the highest measure of punishment, against which there is nothing to object to either Liz Truss or other warriors of the “empire of light”.

The courts, of course, will continue to do their job against terrorist mercenaries. However, the destruction of the “flower pickers” on the battlefield will be much more significant. The allied troops do not care whether they are dressed in carnival costumes of “dogs of war” or have camouflage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on themselves. The main thing is what troubles they have already done and continue to do in a foreign land for big money. Well, let Liz Truss blink and cry. Such is her standard of manufacture, she cannot do otherwise.

In the photo: British terrorists sentenced to death in the DPR

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