Jan 26, 2021
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Who wants to drive a tank? About bloody snot and difficult times

Photo: unauthorized action in Moscow

In the photo: an unauthorized action in Moscow (Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS)

The times are now difficult. We barely survived 2020, and then after the holidays, no one has any money, the frost hit, Trump was kicked out, Navalny returned. Ideal time for protest rallies: everyone is evil as hell.

So on the Internet, people began to rigidly demolish the tower.

The level of aggression in social networks against the background of the past rallies is off scale even in comparison with the summer rallies. At least, then the joyful wishes to drown opponents in blood from all sides were not so striking.

This is probably understandable. It was a difficult year. But the rapid transformation of our fellow citizens into a collective Arcadia Babchenko can’t help but worry. It’s time not only for mass vaccination against covid, but also for mass distribution of valerian and motherwort among the general population. I propose to open pick-up points on the basis of Rospechat kiosks.

Here is a journalist Julia Vityazeva in anticipation of the rallies, he writes on Twitter: “Tiananmen, we are waiting for Tiananmen.” This is when demonstrators in China were crushed by tanks. Even quite pro-government patriots, standing on the same side of the barricades with Vityazeva, reacted rather harshly to this, um, joke – and she had a chance to explain that this was just a bad joke, but alas.

But what are the journalists from the pro-government propaganda – so ordinary Russian folk people write in the comments that, they say, the woman who was hit by the policeman at the rally is right. And in general, she received little. And in general, mutuzit you, stupid piled up, you need to bloody snot.

On the conditionally liberal side of the barricades, they also dream of blood: a journalist of an opposition publication writes in the same “Twitter” that “not everyone has unraveled their guts near Ilovaisk”. Kind, bright people – for the beautiful Russia.

And this is full. It is not enough to speak enthusiastically about power – to shoot you, bitch. It is worth doubting the purity of Navalny’s thoughts – oh, I should hang you on a lantern.

This has happened before, this has always been the case, of course. But now either it catches the eye especially strongly, or the truth has begun to manifest itself much more often.

What can you do. People lack sedatives.

We’ll have to remind you that aggression works both ways.

Are you shouting that it would be great to run over someone with a tank? Get ready to get into a tank and crush people. Oh yes, and also be prepared that someone will sit in the tank and run over you.

Yelling that it would be great to unwind someone’s guts? Be ready to unwind the enemy’s guts with your own hands. And also be prepared that someone will unwind your guts.

But the trouble is, for some reason everyone then shouts that it is very scary and painful. Why? You wanted this. Tanks, gallows, shootings. Where will you run from them when they appear on your street?

In the world, by the way, there are enough people who kill a person – like spanking a fly. And they got used to the guts, and to the blood. But something suggests that they have little in common with intelligent bloggers of different views, joyfully demanding blood in social networks.

So where do you go when you dream of more blood?

So you want to see the war? Please, a ticket to Rostov, from there by bus a few hours towards the border. There, too, it all started with the fact that some children wanted Muscovites for knives.

I am not a pacifist, I do not call for world peace. War, blood and violence are, alas, an integral part of our reality. If this happens, you have to somehow live and act in it. Support your own, be your own for your own, do your job if necessary.

But now we are not talking about war. You’re just scampering on the Internet.

So send your opponent three letters, if you want so much, drink a motherwort and live peacefully, pet the cat, drink a beer.

There is nothing to get wild in vain. You will have many more reasons to go berserk.

And if you really want to be a bloodthirsty animal – well, be prepared that you are not the only one who can become one. Aggression works both ways.

I understand it was a difficult year. Nothing, don’t worry. It will get worse.

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