Feb 18, 2021
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WHO recognizes South African strain of coronavirus as more infectious

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the South African strain of the coronavirus, like the British one, is more contagious than the original version of the virus. RIA Novosti, citing the head of the technical group of the WHO emergency diseases unit, Maria van Kerkhove.

She clarified that this feature of the strain does not affect the severity of the disease.

The WHO representative also noted that the spread of the infection can still be slowed down by taking the usual precautions.

The 501.V2 strain was discovered in South Africa last October. This type of virus is now prevalent in South Africa.

Earlier it was reported that an unknown variant of the coronavirus found in Finland. The new strain was named Fin-796H. It was noted that mutations in this strain make it difficult to detect with WHO-recommended PCR tests.

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