Oct 16, 2020
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WHO noted the timely measures of the Russian authorities against COVID-19

The World Health Organization noted the quick and timely measures taken by the Russian authorities in response to the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, TASS reports with reference to the chief specialist of the WHO for emergency response Katrin Smallwood.

According to her, WHO is serious about the fact that since the beginning of October there has been a significant increase in the number of cases in the Russian Federation, especially in the area of ​​large cities. She stressed that action had been taken in these places.

Smallwood explained that authorities have allocated a large number of hospital beds for coronavirus patients and prepared the health care system, asked people to telecommute, announced school holidays and imposed more restrictions on public gatherings.

She added that WHO expects to see the impact of these measures on the epidemic curve.

Earlier, the World Health Organization announced that on Tuesday the number of COVID-19 infected in the world increased by more than 2.2 million, which was a record weekly figure since the beginning of the pandemic.

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