Oct 14, 2020
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“Who Needs Debate Today”

The word "democracy" in the Anglo-Saxon world is sacred. But why? For the readers of Stairway to Heaven, this question is obvious: because formal election procedures cover up the real hidden nature of Power in these countries

Question: why no one is trying to reveal this circumstance? Yes, not really, sometimes they try. But those who do this either buy (and as soon as the first step up the hierarchical ladder is made, a person knows exactly what he risks losing if he starts breaking the rules), or they are severely marginalized. In particular, fierce hatred of communism is connected with this: within the framework of the communist worldview, there is no place for the recognition of "democracy" as something meaningful and useful for the people.

But if “democracy” is a sacred concept, then it is inscribed in all the customs and habits of everyday life. In particular, the selection procedure itself is as close as possible to market procedures: people should feel with all their gut that they are choosing, how they choose meat on the market. Here it is fresher, here with subtle shades, and so on. And, accordingly, parties and politicians should advertise themselves as much as possible and have no right to refuse this, even if they are sure that everything has already been seized and real competitors have been removed from the market.

That is why, for the United States, the debate between candidates is an essential element of the spectacle, which in principle cannot be abandoned. The voter should not doubt that he is electing, and for this he must be provided with a selection procedure: look, lamb to the right, beef to the left, and there, in the corner, is pork. Well, I mean, here are the Democrats, here are the Republicans, and there, for special aesthetes, the libertarians. Communists, of course, are not needed here either.

And now we are faced with a situation in which the organizers want to cancel the remaining debate between Biden and Trump. No, of course, not until the end, maybe the third debate will take place ... But - the question has already been raised absolutely seriously.

The question is, what is this? How can you undermine your own model so much? Involuntarily you want to find the answer to this question.

Naturally, I can only offer an answer, but it looks sad for American society. Its essence is that since the main instrument of domination of one of the elite groups (bankers) has finished all the action, this group must give up a significant part of its intra-elite privileges. And this group controls not only the financial sphere, it also controls the media, the education system, the health care system, part of the special services and much more. And since she is a real elite group, she knows very well how much it costs. And what will be the reaction if you stop giving this money.

A colossal number of smaller groups will begin to tear the fabric of the current social order, demanding "their" share, but it will no longer be possible to "keep" them. Well, roughly speaking, we saw something like this in our country in the late 80s, when the liberals, who believed that the CPSU offend them, began to simply destroy any patriotic publications, and just honest Soviet citizens. Can you imagine how many lawsuits there will be against the medical support system (about what everyone knew about, but it was scary to touch while those who were the main beneficiaries of the processes were in power), to newspapers and magazines, and so on. How many political careers will collapse, as their corruption grounds will be exposed. In general, it will not seem a little.

And in this situation, the puppeteers start to get nervous. Because if the model of the political market is preserved, then the losers will begin to appeal to the real elites (and what can they do?). Therefore, I have a feeling that the elites will now begin to break down the political machines created for many decades, if not centuries. To disguise their connection with the political process.

That is, in other words, the real owners of the market will simply close it. And they will give the procedure for choosing a pure element. Democracy is so democracy. And the fact that behind the Democratic Party there is (for today) the "Clinton group" (which, by the way, chose Kamela Haris), and behind it and stronger figures - this is simply no longer figured out. Since the structure will be liquidated. And in this case, the question of the debate will be a personal question of specific candidates. Do you want to talk, do not want to, do not talk. And there is no organizational structure for the candidates. Well, or, more precisely, there is only what they paid for themselves.

Yes, since the elites as a whole will not go anywhere, the structure will sooner or later be restored. But! those in charge of the current structure will neither be found nor punished. It will simply dissolve into space. But in order to realize this in its pure form, it is not necessary for the remnants of this structure to shine. This is harmful to today's financial elites.

I will repeat it again. The key issue of today's financial elites is the issue of responsibility. No one should be to blame for the coming disaster, and the bankers are sure. Therefore, it is necessary today to destroy and liquidate the structure that would show the connection of the political machine with the elites. Including its public manifestations. There is no it and it was not. And one of the elements of this is the elimination of the public choice support system. Debates including.

Someone will say, but they still know about it, they live in it! And here is the trick. They don't know everything, people go to vote! And the whole propaganda system is screaming about democracy. But those who know, they understand that they are part of this system and if they make noise, then each specific one can be very specific. And as a result, with a very high probability, in a few months it will become clear that there are only local organizations of the main parties. And already at the level of districts and counties, nothing at all ... Well, yes, they were going, chatting ... But the organization? With money? What do you mean!

And it will turn out as it did with the Communist Party. Secretaries sealed the doors of district committees, a couple of days later they were unsealed by completely different people ... And there is no conceptual power in the country ... And money? What money? Has anyone seen some money? Ah, party money! Well, this is the legend of the dinosaurs!

I have a suspicion that now in the US bankers will try to play such a combination. And for this reason, no more systemic elements of the demonstration of the global political machine are needed. Debates as well. Since the very existence of a political machine indicates the presence of political elites. And not just elites, but financial elites. Which, apparently, have already made all the final conclusions.

Mikhail Khazin

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