Aug 27, 2021
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Who made money from the war in Afghanistan?

American Independent Think Tank Security Policy Reform Institute (SPRI) published a list of the main beneficiaries of the war in Afghanistan, who took the biggest bite of the more than two trillion dollars America threw into the furnace of the Afghan war.

These are the five military corporations Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, Northrop Grumman.

Total, according to Watson Institute Brown University (Providence, USA), from 2001 to 2021, the United States spent $ 2.313 trillion on the war in Afghanistan. SPRI experts consider these figures, taken from government websites, to be understated. The jump in spending in 2020 is associated with accelerated payments by the Pentagon to the five military corporations under contracts with them in connection with the risks of COVID-19. Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren expressed skepticism about the Pentagon move, suggesting that the $ 3 billion in payments would be spent by the giants of the American military-industrial complex on “Buyback of shares, for the payment of increased dividends and salaries to the management”

Who made money from the war in Afghanistan?

There are serious reasons for such skepticism: in 2015-2019, the salaries of the CEOs of the five leaders of the American military-industrial complex exceeded half a billion dollars.

Authors of the report SPRI quoted by Julian Assange, who said back in 2011 that the goal of the US Afghan war “Is to use Afghanistan to flush money from the tax bases of the US and Europe and return it to the hands of the transnational intelligence elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war.

From a publication in a Swiss newspaper The New Zurich Times it follows that the reconstruction of Afghanistan has never been the real goal of the United States. “Trillions of dollars out of the pockets of American taxpayers were spent on the war, and only a fraction of the money went to rebuild the country. At the same time, due to waste and misuse of funds, Washington did not succeed in Afghanistan, ” – writes The New Zurich Times

Who made money from the war in Afghanistan?

According to the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (CIGAR) under the US Congress, only $ 133 billion (less than 7 percent of the two trillion spent on the war in Afghanistan) were declared by the Americans as spending on rebuilding the country. Moreover, the lion’s share of these funds was spent “on security.” Nearly $ 90 billion has been allocated to train Afghan soldiers, fight drug trafficking and “keep the peace” (counterinsurgency operations). About $ 37 billion was spent on infrastructure projects, social programs and the health care system. Part of this money also went to “the fight against drug trafficking”, which, however, did not diminish in the least.

Afghanistan continues to be the world’s largest opium producer. The business around poppy juice, from which heroin is made, is considered the second most important branch of the Afghan economy after the military sphere, writes The New Zurich Times… Just if the previously banned in Russia the Taliban * group before the seizure of power controlled over 60% of the production of opium, now, when he leads the entire country, he controls all 100% of the production of opium poppy and 85% of the world production of opium.

Other costly US projects also collapsed. $ 2 billion was invested in the construction of roads that the Afghans themselves could not maintain in good condition due to lack of funds and technical capabilities. $ 660 million was spent on the purchase and supply of armored vehicles for the Afghan army, but the Afghan military was poorly trained in the maintenance and repair of complex military equipment.

The astronomical profits from the war in Afghanistan are only a small fraction of what American military corporations have earned in 20 years. According to the American Brown University, all military operations after the September 11 attacks, including the war in Iraq and anti-terrorist missions in other countries, cost the American taxpayers $ 6.4 trillion, which replenished the budgets of the five military monsters led by Lockheed Martin

The unheard-of enrichment of the leaders of the American military-industrial complex did not benefit the US military. Huge funds were spent on the development and creation of supposedly promising models of weapons and military equipment, which, in fact, turned out to be unsuitable for participation in high-intensity hostilities.

So, one of the most disastrous projects of the Pentagon was, as we wrote, the construction of the giant destroyers Zamvolt. The idea of ​​building ships of this class appeared after the events of September 11, 2001. These ships were intended to defeat the bases and training camps of the militants, as well as to support the landing of the Marine Corps. Their main weapon is 80 Tomahawk missiles. At first, the Americans planned to build 32 ships of this class. Then 24. Then 7. Finally, we stopped at three. And not only because of their high cost (the cost of one such ship is practically equal to the cost of an aircraft carrier) and errors in weapons systems. By the time the first Zamvolta was launched, it became clear that these ships had lost their combat niche, as the mission to support ground operations had lost its former relevance.

As a result, three destroyers Zumwalt finally became “white elephants” (white elephants; Russian analogue – “suitcase without a handle”). The design and construction of the “white elephants” was carried out by the “golden team” consisting of Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Systems, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Boeing

A squadron of littoral (coastal) ships built by corporations Lockheed Martin and General dynamics in the amount of more than two dozen, have already begun to gradually write off. An irreparable defect was found in their propulsion systems, due to which the ships one after another lose their speed.

“I won’t buy it!” Said Virginia Representative Elaine Luria, Democrat, outraged by the idea of ​​scrapping recently commissioned ships in the name of investing in something incomprehensible. Congress was only able to postpone the decommissioning of the latest warships. And the most amazing thing is Lockheed and General dynamics continue to build coastal shells unnecessary for the fleet and earn $ 500 million on each.

Not only the top five beneficiaries of the American military-industrial complex, but also smaller corporations allow themselves to spend the money of American taxpayers with impunity. So, after 16 years of research, the program was closed to create a “railgun”, an electromagnetic gun that fires a projectile at a speed of six times faster than the speed of sound.

Companies BAE Systems and General Atomics earned $ 500 million on the development of this supergun, but failed to cope with the task.

American defense corporations, spoiled by free money for them, fail to create hypersonic weapons either. Corporation Lockheed has already failed the second test of a hypersonic missile, which causes ridicule in the American media.

The fish rots from the head, and the head of the American militaristic empire, the military-industrial complex, more and more resembles a second fresh sturgeon.

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