Nov 25, 2021
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Who likes to wear kigurumi and where?

Who likes to wear kigurumi and where?

In a modern wardrobe, you can often see not only children’s clothing of this type, but also adult sets.

Initially, such things were used among animators for celebrating the holidays. Then the products began to be worn by Japanese youth on the street and at home. Pajama style is now popular in many countries. Initially, the kids liked the clothes in the form of interesting animals, characters from animated cartoons. Literally “kigurumi” translates as “to wear a soft toy”, so this soft product is loved by children. Moreover, they do not just play with it, but put it on themselves.

This is such a comfortable thing that you don’t want to take it off. In such clothes, it is easy to get into the game, come up with rules and feel like a participant in some interesting cartoon. The child can dress up as a cat, dog, dragon or a mysterious hero.

Nobody will remain indifferent to the costume. Interesting details in the form of ears, eyes, ponytails are delightful. The set also includes legs as an addition to the image.

For sewing of children’s kits, fabrics that do not cause allergies are used – cotton, flannel, polyester, fleece. Kids are so fond of pajamas that they want to sleep in them. Therefore, the designers sewed sets from light materials with bright colors and images of heroes.

Of course, they did not bypass the kigurumi and adults, because so often you want to remain a child. Therefore, in the wardrobe you can often see not only children’s clothing of this type, but also adult sets. Women’s pajamas – animals and men’s kigurumi in the form of animals – are distinguished by their originality. On winter evenings, such a suit will warm, give warmth and comfort in the home circle. Here you can comfortably sit on the sofa with a cup of tea or do your household chores. There is also a summer version of clothing made of cotton.


Often young people wear such a thing when skateboarding or rollerblading. Such a set does not hinder movements during sports, fast movements. In addition, a person in such a suit will be noticed by everyone. An original item can be worn for a costume party. Anyone can choose an interesting image for themselves. On sale you can find various types of kigurumi with interesting characters.

Clothes will not only add brightness to the image, but also provide an opportunity to plunge into comfort due to a comfortable cut and pleasant material. This will charge both an adult and a child with positive emotions, not only during a party, but also at home. In a family circle, you can come up with some kind of game in such original costumes.

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