Oct 5, 2021
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Who “leaked” data on Zelensky’s offshores: in Ukraine they gave an answer

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press /

In Nezalezhnaya, a grand scandal erupted

The publication of the so-called “Pandora’s dossier” received a wide response. According to many, information about the illegal wealth of the head of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, will cut off his path to a new presidency. Lawyer Yevgeny Losovsky is sure that Western special services had a hand in the sensational events.

The publication of an extensive list with billionaires and world leaders who (according to the authors of the material) use offshores to hide their savings, can play a significant role in changing the situation in the international arena. Pan Zelensky was also included in the “black list”. The Ukrainian journalist is convinced that this was no coincidence.

According to Losovsky, the so-called investigation was carried out by the hands of the secret services of the United States of America or the European Union. Thus, they demonstrated to Zelensky that they are unhappy with his policy in Independent.

The expert also noted that a blow was struck at many powerful Ukrainians. People who have worked with such citizens are also shocked – their “hair stood on end”. Receiving money from a person with a now very tarnished reputation can turn out to be serious problems.

A similar opinion was previously expressed by journalist Anatoly Shariy. The expert is convinced that this dossier is a kind of black mark for Zelensky, who has ceased to suit the collective West.

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