Sep 17, 2021
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Who launched COVID into Putin’s bunker?

Who launched COVID into Putin's bunker?

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

The coronavirus pandemic has struck the immediate environment Vladimir Putin… He himself told about this during a videoconference to his colleagues at the CSTO summit, which opened on September 16 in Dushanbe. Putin has been on self-isolation for the third day, his visit to Tajikistan has been canceled.

“This is due to the fact that in the immediate environment, as you know, cases of coronavirus have been identified, this is not one, not two, several dozen people.”– said the President of Russia. “Unfortunately, I cannot shake hands with each of you, hug you”– he added.

The fact of mass destruction is surprising. Listen Dmitry Peskovwho revealed the details is just scary. “These are mainly those [инфицированы]who take part in ensuring the work and life of the head of state, his safety “, – admitted the press secretary.

Bodyguards with shortness of breath are vividly imagined, waiters wiping painful sweat from their foreheads, poorly understanding drivers of the Aurus limousine, maids with fever … Finally, a liaison officer with a nuclear briefcase, shadowing the head of state. Is he healthy?

According to Peskov, the outbreak occurred in September. To determine more precisely where exactly the infection took place, who is the “zero patient” in the president’s entourage so far “does not seem possible”as Putin works in different places. Just the apotheosis of the state’s impotence.

“Almost everyone who works with the president is vaccinated.”, the spokesman encouraged. What does this “practically” mean? Someone still did not take root, but was he allowed to see the head of state? Well at least everyone is mildly ill, asymptomatic, according to Peskov.

Peskov explained that the presidential staff had enough time after the vaccination, due to which the titers dropped, and the revaccination was not carried out, which led to the infection. Amazing carelessness. And where did the doctors of the famous Kremlin hospital look?

Putin himself does not show panic in public. And even ironic. “Let’s see how Sputnik V really works”, – he joked the other day, talking about the “natural experiment” in which, willy-nilly, the head of the Russian state participates. Do we have any other test subjects?

Because of this, the citizens of the Russian Federation are not laughing. “Even Putin was deceived! He was not told that after the vaccine they get sick, although it is easy! “, “Poor tsar, you will involuntarily begin to listen to anti-Axis here”, “It’s getting scary for the country”, – such remarks can be found on the Web.

In general, the president was extremely careful during the pandemic. Communicated remotely and even after vaccination avoided personal contact. At public events with his participation, the guests were checked “like cosmonauts,” an ex-employee of the presidential administration told “SP” Dmitry Zhuravlev

Then what happened? Relaxed? It looks like it. Recently, Putin (and hence his numerous personal “entourage”) personally attended the Eastern Economic Forum, which was attended by thousands of different people. It is difficult to control what the surroundings are doing in their free time.

It is all the more annoying that the coronavirus plague struck the presidential administration on the eve of the triune voting day. Putin even had to register to participate in the electronic expression of will. Opened an account on Public Services? Peskov said that the president had no gadgets.

It is easy to imagine what joy the penetration of the coronavirus into the very heart of the Russian government brought to the country’s external enemies. In Washington and London, Poland and Lithuania, and, of course, in Ukraine, many sleep and see the moment of their triumph. It is unpleasant to know that your country is so vulnerable.

Until the last moment, there was a hope that Putin simply did not want to go to the CSTO summit, since the head of the PRC Xi Jinping changed his mind to come. They say, they did not want to reduce the level of communication, and therefore the President of the Russian Federation said that he was sick. Maybe that’s the way it is?

In general, any information about a threat to the president’s health is now perceived with concern. The system of power built in Russia locks itself personally to Putin. Pull this figure out of the structure – and the country may collapse. Are those responsible for his safety aware of this?

Virologist, Professor of the Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. N.F. Gamalei, D.M. Boris Altstein explained that even vaccinated people can be carriers of the coronavirus:

– The situation reported by Peskov is quite possible. Apparently, employees close to the president were tested using the polymerase chain reaction and identified in them covid, found the carriage of the virus. Most likely, these are relatively mild forms of the disease, but there is nothing unusual about this.

“SP”: – We – the public – thought that since such a powerful vaccination campaign is underway in the country, people are sometimes forcibly vaccinated, under pain of dismissal, then the Kremlin has put this case on its conscience. But it turns out that they overlooked …

– The staff of the president, of course, must be vaccinated. But depending on what they are grafted into. If the vaccine is “EpiVacCorona”, then this drug does not protect against coronavirus. I know that many high-ranking people in the Russian Academy of Sciences, especially in Rospotrebnadzor, were inoculated with EpiVacKorona. The choice of a vaccine depends on advertising, on people’s understanding, and sometimes it is an urgent requirement of Rospotrebnadzor itself. “EpiVacCorona” is their vaccine (developed by SSC VB “Vector” – a structural subdivision of the supervisory agency – Auth.).

“SP”: – In the media claimthat Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova is now being accused of lobbying for “her” drug. And Putin, congratulating the doctors, praised scientists for reliable vaccines, announcing the names of all registered vaccines, except for EpiVacCorona …

“Most likely they were vaccinated with Sputnik V. Now we already know that the vaccine protects people from the severe course of the disease, from death, but the coronavirus, getting into the human body, still multiplies for some time. And during this period, the carrier of the virus can transmit it. Then this process stops. With regard to revaccination, this is a widely accepted method in vaccinology, which significantly enhances the effectiveness of the vaccine. Therefore, revaccination is advisable.

Social psychologist Alexey Roshchin surprised by the lack of public reaction to the “anti-axer” news from the Kremlin:

– The story of the sudden isolation of Putin, and then of his entire entourage, looks like a theater of the absurd. After all, for the last six months we have been taught that we need to be vaccinated, that this is a panacea, that the vaccinated are protected. And suddenly here you are! After the president himself said publicly that he had been vaccinated, and then confirmed this during his Direct Line in June, and named the vaccine “Sputnik V”, it turned out that many near him fell ill.

Since many are vaccinated in the country on pain of dismissal, it is impossible to believe that it is otherwise impossible in the president’s entourage. This means the vaccinated president, and the vaccinated guards, and other personnel become carriers, go into self-isolation. Maybe then it is necessary to somehow apologize, to admit that the authorities were wrong in asserting the effectiveness of the vaccine? The most surprising thing is that many loyal citizens do not see this contradiction point-blank.

“SP”: – And how do you like the political version of this story? There is no coronavirus at the top, and Putin simply did not want to go to Dushanbe and found a reason …

– Yes, such a “mulka” was launched that Putin is reluctant to substitute himself directly under the Taliban *. But it seems to me that he could have come up with a more plausible excuse for refusal. To refuse through what constitutes the core of the entire internal policy of the last year (they say, we wiped our nose with our vaccine) – the game would not be worth the candle.

* Taliban, Taliban movement – the organization was recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 02/14/2003, its activities on the territory of Russia are prohibited.

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