Jun 6, 2022
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Who is the new husband of Olga Orlova

The day before, Olga Orlova attended the wedding of her husband’s daughter, thereby declassifying his identity.

Orlova herself got married in September last year, but she preferred not to talk about her wife, only saying that his name was Valery.

Who is the new husband of Olga Orlova

Well, last weekend Valery himself married his daughter Yana. So, thanks to this, managed to find out that Valery’s surname is Masalov and he conducted his business activities in Barnaul.

So the scope of his activities is very diverse. His companies are involved in the production of chemical products, the wholesale trade of food, beverages and tobacco products, real estate and even the organization of entertainment events.

True, most open reports show negative profit, but this does not mean at all that a person is poor. He’s just doing things so smartly.

And the daughter’s wedding was very rich – Basta and Mot sang.

Who is the new husband of Olga Orlova

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