Nov 24, 2021
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Who invented the “war” on the Polish border

Who invented the “war” on the Polish border

“Belarus does not act alone, it is a small country completely dependent on Russia,” British propagandists say, diverting people’s attention from the shameful failures of their own government.

Today London is screaming louder than anyone else in the world about the “Belarusian crisis” and how brave Polish border guards are fighting to defend the EU border, while Russian nuclear bombers are circling overhead. The British propagandists even called the refusal of the Russian president to attend the actually failed climate summit in Glasgow “an act of aggression”.

But nothing of the kind is said about other countries involved in the movement of large numbers of refugees across Europe. In Italy, those caught in the Mediterranean are generally untouchable. Nobody gasses them, does not pour poisonous water on them, you can go to jail for this. Spain, where people are transported from Morocco, receives almost everyone who manages to set foot on its land. Yes, and Germany recently received 5 million refugees and allocated 50 billion euros for their resettlement. And here we are talking about several thousand people who, quite unexpectedly, have become a threat to European civilization.

Why did it happen? And the whole point is that Lukashenko, with the support of Russia, managed to get out of the political crisis, and now he must be finished off and deprived of Russia of its most important ally.

Meanwhile, Great Britain has allocated considerable funds to arrange a banquet for illegal migrants who crossed the English Channel from France. Four gourmet Turkish restaurants in Kent have prepared hundreds of servings of grilled chicken kebab marinated with rice, worth nearly £ 20. On the day when heartbreaking scenes of refugees “driven by Lukashenka to Europe” were broadcast from the Polish border, a record number of border violators – 1,185 people – were ferried to England across the stormy sea in fragile boats, who were cordially greeted by the naval guard, who caught the boats with people until the evening.

This year alone, about 24 thousand refugees have already crossed the Channel. London sluggishly blames France for this, but no one threatens it with sanctions, does not shout to the whole world that France is going to destroy Great Britain with its refugees. And 101 thousand citizens of Africa and the Middle East have already moved to the European Union by the Mediterranean Sea this year.

For the sake of appearance, the French dispersed the refugee camp in Dunkirk, from where they sailed across the canal in lifeboats and rowing boats purchased at the Decathlon sports store. The next day they moved their tents to a field nearby. As in the case of Belarus, these people are not going to seek asylum in France, they are rushing to the British shores, where many of their brethren have already settled. Cheap labor is always required there. In France, among those breaking through to England, reporters also met Kurds who nevertheless managed to cross the Polish border, one of them said that he paid a border guard 1,050 euros so that he could let him into Poland.

The European Union has divided the refugees. Some have the right to come to the EU, others should not count on help, they must die of the cold in the forests of Belarus. The “Belarusian” refugees, as announced in the EU, are destabilizing the bloc and, moreover, these women and children have been called a “hybrid attack” on the West from Belarus and Russia. The Poles demand support and believe that this border battle will last for months and years. And Russia should still really answer England, which is conducting anti-Russian provocations in Europe.

Nikolay Ivanov.

Photo: TASS

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