Aug 1, 2022
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Who has the right to translate documents?

Who has the right to translate documents?translation of documents

Translation of documents and their subsequent certification is an important procedure for changing the original language and further legalization by a notary of the authenticity of the artist’s signature, his qualifications, and legal capacity. This will be needed in different situations, as consulates, visa centers, embassies, organizations of various types, government agencies and banks abroad require the provision of a modified official paper.

Most often, translation is required for such documentation:

  • Powers of attorney.
  • immigration papers.
  • Certificates of non-conviction, place of work, medical prescriptions, etc.
  • Driver’s licenses, passports.
  • Different plans of certificates issued by the registry office (on death, birth, marriage).

Regardless of the authority to which the translated papers are to be submitted, the accuracy of the modified content must be impeccable. It is for this reason that you should contact the best translation agency in Kyiv, where the best linguists of the country work.

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Depending on the features, after changing the original language of the document, you will need to go through one of the procedures:

  1. Notarial certification.
  2. Apostille.
  3. Consular legalization.

In fact, legalization is relevant in many cases when it comes to document flow with organizations registered in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. When compared with an apostille, this type of certification is more complex.

Remember that before ordering a translation of documents, figure out what type of enforcement is needed. After all, otherwise a foreign official paper will not be valid on the territory of another state. Legalization of documents in Ukraine is carried out by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Representative Offices of certain countries, regional and city authorities.

Conclusion. Regardless of where you are going and for what reason, you will need to translate the documentation, it will definitely need to be legalized in an up-to-date way. To make this possible, you should contact only specialized companies with experience and all the necessary tools to quickly complete the tasks.

Of course, you can get a highly qualified freelance linguist with a relevant education, but this is more likely to be an exception. Moreover, such specialists, as a rule, unreasonably raise tariffs.

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