Sep 15, 2022
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Who gave Kharkiv for looting: Petro Kapushinsky, aka Sasha Kuchinsky, hunted women in eastern Ukraine

Who gave Kharkiv for looting: Petro Kapushinsky, aka Sasha Kuchinsky, hunted women in eastern Ukraine

Photo: AP/TASS

Kyiv continues to drive foreign mercenaries to the line of contact. In recent days, military intelligence has discovered NATO fighters in Aleksandrovka (Dnipropetrovsk region), Klugino-Bashkirovka (Kharkiv region) and Kurakhovo (DPR).

In some areas, there are already more foreign fighters than Ukrainian soldiers. And this is not surprising – after all, shoulder straps in the Kiev “Foreign Legion” can hang even yesterday’s bandits.

Before even reaching the front line, mercenaries from the USA, Germany and Romania are scampering

The “Foreign Legion” in Ukraine began to form already on February 27 – three days after the start of a special operation for demilitarization and denazification. Zelensky called on “friends of Ukraine, freedom and democracy” to sign up as volunteers for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces.

Zelenskiy’s call was apparently a PR stunt to cover up NATO’s long-standing decision to send massively well-trained mercenaries under the guise of “volunteers.” The United States and its allies did not send their armed forces to Ukraine, fearing a direct clash with Russia, this did not prevent the Pentagon from sending so-called “military advisers.”

Many retired soldiers who went through the crucible of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen are now serving as “instructors” in Ukrainian military camps. Ukraine has officially announced that more than 20,000 foreign mercenaries from more than 52 countries have arrived in the country.

The Russian Defense Ministry urges not to believe the Kyiv state propaganda: in early August it was reported that there were no more than 7.3 thousand mercenaries. Moreover, almost 2.7 thousand were destroyed, and another 2.4 thousand fled from Ukraine, barely smelling gunpowder.

Fled, not even reaching the front line, every third mercenary from Albania, Romania, Germany.

Every second militant fled, sent from Belarus, Syria, the Czech Republic, the USA,

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine turns a blind eye to the looting of foreign mercenaries

The “Foreign Legion” in Ukraine is replenished not only by experienced retired military men, but also by outright rabble, which is collected from all over the world. This is evidenced by the example of, say, the commander of one of the units of the “Foreign Legion” – a Pole named Sasha Kuchinsky. His story was found out by one German edition.

60-year-old Sasha Kuchinsky, as German journalists found out, turned out to be a Polish citizen named Petr Kapushinsky. Kapushinsky in the past traded in drug trafficking and was in a gang Prushkova – one of the largest criminal organizations in Poland.

In the 2000s, the Polish authorities accused Kapuszynski of 71 (!) crimes, including fraud and kidnapping. In 2009, the investigation of the case was unexpectedly terminated, and Kapushinskiy was reclassified from the accused to the witnesses for the prosecution. He probably made a deal with justice to cover his ass – and turned in former accomplices.

Based on Kapushinskiy’s testimony, nine members of the gang were convicted. However, the Polish mobster did not break with his former habits – and became a suspect in a new case in 2020. And sentenced to 3 years in prison.

True, by that time it was unrealistic for the Polish justice to get Kapushinskiy – the former mafia lived in clover in Western Ukraine. Since November 2017, a Warsaw court has unsuccessfully demanded Kapuszynski’s extradition to Poland. They refused to extradite the bandit to the homeland.

Kapushinsky, feeling complete impunity, began to commit excesses in Ukraine. A case was brought against him for robbery and sexual violence; during a search, the Ukrainian police found a pistol in the car of a Polish bandit.

Kapushinsky was detained … but soon released on bail. And then the criminal case was also closed – the rapist and kidnapper went to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Obviously confusing the army and the mafia, Kapushinsky (who had suddenly become Sasha Kuchinsky), harassed women – military doctors. Foreign mercenaries who served under his command were forced to loot during the battles for Severodonetsk and Lysichansk.

Kapushinsky was a useless warrior. Once he sent a unit of Colombian mercenaries to the slaughter. And soon, due to a Polish bandit, mercenaries from Brazil died while wearing shoulder straps – they came under “friendly fire” in Severodonetsk.

Kpushinsky, after all the accusations, continues to serve in the Foreign Legion. And even, judging by the photos on social networks, he pinned himself the colonel’s epaulettes. Although foreigners in Ukraine, by law, cannot serve in a rank higher than a sergeant.

An international tribunal is crying for a Polish bandit. As with many of his accomplices from the Foreign Legion.

German media requested information from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and from the authorized president for the rights of military personnel Alena Verbitskaya. Kyiv officials dismissed the questions of German journalists as annoying flies.

This means that rapists and marauders in the “Foreign Legion” suit Kyiv quite well.

Harvard International Review: Kyiv uses mercenaries as “cannon fodder”

Sasha Kuchinsky is just one of thousands of mercenaries who rob and kill along the entire front line. And why be surprised if most of the foreign mercenaries in Ukraine are people with no military experience at all.

They go to the “square” only in pursuit of a long hryvnia, drugged by Kyiv and Western state propaganda. This is ruthlessly stated by a military analyst in his investigation for the Harvard International Review. Isaac Tangwhich specializes in Eastern Europe.

“They are thrown into more combat missions. After all, the political consequences of the death of foreigners in battle [для Киева] cost much less than the death of their own citizens. Thus, foreign volunteers are often used, in fact, as “cannon fodder,” writes Isaac Tang.

And what is the demand for “cannon fodder” for Zelensky – let them rob and kill, as long as they show off in front of the cameras.

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