Jan 5, 2022
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Who else but Biden?

Harris doesn’t pull, and American Democrats need a savior

Already when Joe Biden ran for president, it was clear that the Democrats took such a step out of despair: “sleepy Joe” with grief in half (according to one poll, a third of Americans still consider the voting result to be falsified) solved the “Trump problem” in the last election , but now the main thing is the congressional elections in 2022 and the next presidential elections in 2024. And the Democratic Party has nothing to go with them, or rather, not with anyone.

Biden and his team

The White House said that Biden is going to run for a second term. However, this is not even funny. Firstly, already during his election campaign, it became obvious that due to his age it is very difficult for him to engage in political activity in the volume and rhythm required by the presidency. Over time, this problem has only worsened. Everyone sees how the team limits Biden’s contact with the outside world as much as possible so that he does not go nuts again. Secondly, he has obvious problems with popularity: at best, the president has approximately the same number of fans and opponents, but polls look more convincing, which show a level of trust in him around 40 percent.

Biden's rating falls

In short, it is clear that Biden’s task was to win the election, and then another politician was to be brought to the fore. This politician was probably Vice President Kamala Harris: 56-year-old black woman – what else? However, a problem arose – Harris, in simple terms, does not pull, and her ratings are even worse than Biden’s: at best, her popularity is now at 40 percent (the rating collapse occurred after her visit to Guatemala), at worst, she fell to 28 percent, and in this regard, the authoritative American publication Hill released an article with a telling title “With 28 Percent Confidence – Say Goodbye to Kamala Harris as a Plan B with an Aging Biden.”

What is the reason for this failure? One of the versions – Harris is entrusted with initially impossible tasks that simply drown her as a politician (for example, migration). It’s like using a cool hockey player or soccer player in the wrong place – a player who can be a star in attack, put in defense or even on goal, and then blame him for conceding goals. Another version is that Harris has a negative press, since she is a woman and dark-skinned (that is, she is hindered by what should help her).

Question: Is the vice president deliberately “leaked” as a future presidential candidate? It would be weird. Why then appoint her to this post? As for difficult tasks, they are rather a plus than a minus, since it is precisely such tasks that should show what a politician is worth. And if he does not cope, what kind of presidency can we talk about. Complaints about gender and race bias are generally a pro-poor argument when there is nothing more to say …

Kamala Harris

Thus, it appears that the Democrats made an elementary mistake with Harris as their future leader and president. And now the possible initial plan to replace Biden with her even before the congressional elections has to be adjusted on the fly. What are the options on the table?

The first is to continue sliding into the abyss with the current president. He may sit out until the end of his term, but the congressional elections will most likely fail, and by 2024 the party will come up in a losing position. The second option is to still change Biden to Harris, since in the presidency, she may be able to show herself in a different light and turn the tide in her favor (if not for the congressional elections, then at least by 2024). And if not?

Then you need to either change Harris for another potential future president, or make her president and appoint her vice president “fallback”, and then see who is better suited to the role of “savior of the nation” and the Democratic Party. There are no clear signs that Harris will “leave” yet – rather, it is being discussed what is wrong with her and how to fix the situation. Therefore, it is worth considering who could be the aforementioned “fallback” option.

Kamala Harris

The Democrats have an influential left wing, but some of the party’s supporters do not like it, and there is no need to talk about the Republicans (his representative will definitely not be able to become a “unifying principle”). Then you can try some constructive pragmatist-realist (such as John Kerry once was and what the president’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan seems to be today). However, the problem here is that now America is dominated by “hawks” who do not need “doves” in power (besides, all pragmatists lack charisma).

Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris

We need someone famous, aimed at a tough domestic and foreign policy. And against this background, information appeared that Harris was seeking advice from … Hillary Clinton. And what? Such a tandem looks quite capable, and the most interesting thing is that Hillary can still win the presidential elections in 2024. Imagine what the show will be like if Trump becomes its rival again (Clinton vs. Trump – version 2.0) – nothing turns Americans on like stories like the Rocky movie.

Clinton vs. Trump - Version 2.0

Another thing is that this will clearly show (already shows!) All the flawedness of modern American politics, in which either there is no “fresh blood” or its quality leaves much to be desired, since the “elders of Washington” continue to play the leading role in it.

Barack and Michelle Obama

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