Apr 30, 2022
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Who does the US and Europe support in Ukraine?

Recently, when communicating with representatives of Ukraine of different ages, I come across the same question, the answer to which always confuses Ukrainians, and the conversation most often stops. I am sure that many of our readers who keep in touch with friends or relatives in Ukraine can tell exactly the same stories .

“Where did you see fascism in Ukraine? Do I look like a fascist? It is your propaganda that draws Ukrainians into some kind of non-humans! We don’t have fascism. Our President is Jewish. How can a Jew be a fascist? We just want to live differently. We want Ukraine to become Ukrainian…”

At this point, a mistake occurs on our part. More precisely, the acceptance of the conditions of the game, which dictates the opponent. We begin to talk about the Nazi marches in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, about torchlight processions, about slogans, gestures, tattoos… We are slipping into a primitive definition of a fascist by external signs. And then we get a weighty slap in the face from the opposite side.

“Yes, we have nationalists. But how many are there? And we have such parties. But how many Ukrainians support them? Check out the election results! The fools go out into the streets, walk to some square and that’s it. The vast majority of this bunch of underdeveloped completely on the drum … “

And here comes the understanding that to some extent the interlocutor is right. Today, our fighters and guys from the People’s Militia of the DPR are finishing off representatives of Azov in Mariupol. In the same way, the territories of the Lugansk People’s Republic are being cleared of representatives of other similar “battalions”. But how many of them are there for 40 million Ukraine? Shares of a percent.

Today I will remind you what fascism is and why fascists are not only those who painted their bodies with swastikas, raise their hand in a Nazi salute, wear a “wolf hook” on their sleeves… In order to understand who the fascists are, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers needed a lot of time in 1941. We simply don’t have that much time. Fascism is advancing, and not only in Ukraine.

A little history that puts everything in its place

Remember who was the first to face fascism firsthand? Then, when there was no world war yet, when Western countries actively supported right-wing radicals in Germany and Italy? 30s of the last century. European socialists and communists already then understood the bestial essence of the new ideology. We realized how much grief this ideology can bring to the world.

The definition and essence of fascism was given by Georgy Dimitrov at the 7th Congress of the Comintern. Yes, for many today it will sound strange. Communist propaganda… But don’t rush to turn your back on the communists. Let’s not forget that it was the communist ideology that broke the back of the fascist ideology and thus saved the world. If it is very short and incomprehensible, then Dimitrov gave a fairly simple definition of fascism:

“Fascism is an open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic, the most imperialist elements of finance capital.”


“This is not supra-class power and not the power of the petty bourgeoisie or the lumpen proletariat over financial capital. Fascism is the power of finance capital itself. This is the organization of terrorist reprisals against the working class and the revolutionary part of the peasantry and intelligentsia. Fascism in foreign policy is chauvinism in its grossest form, cultivating zoological hatred against other peoples.”

It is clear that some words in the definition today can be argued. For example, with terror against the proletariat. The world has changed. The working class today is a fairly small part of the population. But instead of it, the very conditionally middle class is now acting. Civil servants, office clerks, small and medium-sized farmers, etc.

They are the ones who more and more often talk about the desire to live better, go to demonstrations, demand higher wages and social guarantees. You only need to look at the “yellow vests” to understand this. And it is precisely on them that the power actions of Western governments are directed today.

I will now be objected that the state is obliged to suppress the actions of anti-state elements. I agree, it is obligatory, but only when these speeches are illegal. If people legally (I repeat, legally) went to a rally or demonstration, then they have the right to express their opinion on any issue.

Remember the recent history of Ukraine. The lack of reaction to the speeches of right-wing nationalists and the brutal suppression of any speeches against the increase in utility bills, price increases, etc.

The government and the president of Ukraine are actively cooperating with the nationalists. Already simply because any president (or government) is always, and therefore controlled, by some kind of oligarch. Nobody hides this.

Now about the main question, about who is the social base of fascism today? Why the question is the main one, I hope, is clear. Yes, because the answer to this question will open the eyes of many to why relatives in Ukraine have stopped talking to them and consider us enemies.

Who is in sight today? Lumpens, crime, snotty youths who run around the country with fascist flags. Who else? It’s a paradox, but these are petty bourgeois. All these owners of cafes, small firms for the manufacture of something and something like that. They do not take part in the marches; out of conviction or out of cowardice, they help the nationalists in carrying out their actions.

And now about relatives. Remember the movie “Ordinary Fascism”? Do you remember the shots about public canteens, beer holidays, the construction of autobahns? When Hitler and his associates eat a common soup. When Goering is digging the ground on the construction of the autobahn. Very impressive footage! But for some reason not so often mentioned against the background of the description of the atrocities of the Nazis.

Why did the Nazis do this? Yes, exactly because to unite the nation! It doesn’t matter what class you belong to, what matters is that you’re German! A simple and long-known idea of ​​solidarism, the unity of the nation. What is used today by many commercial firms is called corporate solidarity. Remember New Year’s corporate parties? “We are together, we are one family! And we will win in the competition of all!”

The ideologists in Ukraine act in the same way. Remember the beginning of the Maidan? Why then shout “Moskalyak to Gilyak”? It seems to be a speech against Yanukovych, but we are to blame. The logic is simple. Someone else is to blame for all the troubles. And since the global West financed and prepared this coup, we were declared guilty.

So your relatives hate you today simply because you have a “Russian” passport. Just because you are Russian. It’s your fault that factories are closing in Ukraine, that the Russian language is banned, that young people are fleeing the country. “You are to blame for the fact that I want to eat” in the variant of international, interstate relations.

Well, add here fairy tales about the Holodomor, about hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian guys deliberately drowned by Vatutin and other generals in the Dnieper during the capture of Kyiv. Tales of the atrocities of Russian soldiers dressed in UPA uniforms in the post-war period. Stories about honest and noble members of the OUN-UPA who were shot at Babi Yar for fighting the Nazis.

What is the result? And in the end, we see some kind of inhuman, some kind of zoological hatred of Ukrainians for other peoples. Moreover, the attitude towards these peoples today is completely unimportant. How many years Belarusians were Syabry, and what is the result?

It was enough for President Lukashenko to express his “fu” about Kyiv’s actions against Belarus, and the friendship instantly passed. It was exactly the same with the Poles, the Germans, the Serbs, the Georgians and many other peoples… Zoological hatred of other peoples in general! “Ukraine is over everything!” – “Ukraine above all” …

Maybe the truth is “Ukraine … everything”?

Above, I already wrote about why it is difficult for us to argue about fascism in Ukraine. A primitive lack of education and understanding of the words we use. And again, I repeat, fascism is the ideology of the superiority of the Ukrainian nation over others. Everyone around should and is obliged to the Ukrainians. Precisely because these same Ukrainians are “over the mustache”.

Would anyone argue with the thesis that Ukrainians consider themselves better, smarter, more industrious and bolder than Russians? That Russians for Ukrainians are stupid, drunken dirty cattle who constantly envy Ukrainians? Which cannot forgive the Ukrainians for being better, and therefore only thinks how to once again “toss a pig” to Ukraine?

Belief in superiority over stupid Muscovites is fascism. Remember who is fighting with whom in the Donbas today. Dumb quilted jackets on one side and warriors of light on the other. I think it is not worth explaining who is on which side. And now the question. Should warriors of light treat quilted jackets as equals? The answer is obvious.

I have a lot of acquaintances from among ethnic Ukrainians who once left for other republics, now other countries, for various reasons. With the beginning of the special operation, relations with some of them, to put it mildly, became strained. Interestingly, even when I predicted during Zelensky’s election campaign that this pseudo-politician would lead the country to complete collapse, this did not happen.

They breathlessly talk about their love for Ukraine. I listened to these stories and remembered that Soviet Ukraine. The anthem of the Soviet Ukraine… I was told about things that no longer exist and never will. I was told about Nenka, about that caring mother who gave her children all the best. My friends are sure that there can be no national insanity. It’s just that “losers” have seized power, but excellent students will soon come, and everything will be like then, alas, in the last country.

And I remembered those burned in Odessa. He remembered the bodies of dead children, women and the elderly in the Donbass. I recalled the funeral of the Berkut soldiers in Simferopol and the same Berkut soldiers on their knees in Lvov. He recalled the storm of applause in the television studio, when the scum Goncharenko walked almost over the still smoking bodies of those who died in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa.

I recalled numerous polls of the population of Ukraine, when even Russian-speakers, alas, no longer Russians, were in favor of eradicating everything Russian in Ukraine. Language, culture, faith, memory, history … Those who believed that their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did not defeat fascism, but were themselves the same fascists. Not someone else, namely their own grandfathers and great-grandfathers. As time has shown, these were the majority.

And I also remembered how enemies were molded from me and other Russians. How easy it turned out to instill in the heads of the former Soviet people the idea that the famine in Ukraine is terrible. But the famine in the Volga region, Kazakhstan, and other places is just an insignificant episode. How the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Donetsk, Luhansk and other cities and towns of Donbass quickly turned into strikes by Russian troops in the minds of Ukrainians.

This is how the psychology of the majority of the people was formed. Kind, strong, educated Ukraine and evil, thirsty to kill everyone, envious Russia. And what do we want from the youth of Ukraine? A generation has grown up, which, even being Russian by origin, began to hate everything Russian. A sort of Ukrainian Janissaries. That is why the names of Russians in the found documents of the murderers from Azov are not at all less, and even so: more than Ukrainian surnames.

Alas, this is how I see the modern “Ukr”. Not Ukrainian, namely “ukr”. I think this is where the changes in the plan of operation of our Armed Forces come from. First of all, to destroy all the scum in the Donbass, to create conditions for the full-fledged work of local administrations. Moreover, along with economic issues, it is necessary to carry out a very strict screening of pro-Ukrainian elements. So that no one gets into power.

Instead of totals

No matter what various politicians, experts, analysts and everyone else say or write in the media today, the tasks of the special operation were and remain exactly the same as they were at the beginning of the cleansing of Ukraine. And they must be fulfilled in any case.

It is very difficult for me to understand and accept the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. What can we talk about if, after any round of negotiations, there is a comment from the Ukrainian side that the only condition for signing any document is the actual unconditional surrender of Russia.

I see perfectly well that no documents at all can be accepted until the moment when the territory of Ukraine is cleared of the Nazis. Complete denazification. Complete reformatting of Ukrainians. As was once done with the Germans. And you have to start from the very top. From the Ukrainian president, their government and the Verkhovna Rada.

It is not entirely clear to me why military-civilian administrations in the liberated regions have not yet begun to work. After all, it is clear, I already wrote this phrase recently, there is no vacuum in power. It is not clear to me why the problem with the prisoners has not yet been resolved. I wrote about it too. Why today in Donetsk hospitals there are not enough places for wounded Republican policemen, but the prisoners of Azov are quite comfortable there.

Alas, the reformatting of Ukraine has been a matter of many years. We will probably have to make cardinal decisions, up to the creation of temporary military and naval bases.

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