Sep 16, 2021
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Who do Polish Catholics raise to “saints”

In Poland, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the confessor of the Home Army (AK) and an anti-Semite, was beatified. In the Polish People’s Republic, Vyshinsky spent three years in prison on charges of collaborating with the Nazis, the authorities of post-socialist Poland and the Polish Catholic Church portray him as a victim of communist repression and a holy man. During the Second World War, individual commanders of the AK and some of its high-ranking members went into behind-the-scenes contacts with the Nazis. Cardinal Vyshinsky did the same. Aggravating circumstances were the fact that in 1932-1939. he was the editor of the Catholic publication Ateneum Kapłańskie, which disseminated racist theories. Vyshinsky sympathized with the fascist regime of Salazar in Portugal, when oppositionists were thrown into the Tarrafal concentration camp, which was called the “camp of slow death,” Vyshinsky considered it acceptable, and called Salazar’s Portugal “a country of peace and prosperity.” In July 1946, a Jewish pogrom took place in Kielce, more than 40 Jews were killed, including two Jewish soldiers of the Polish Army, who were awarded for the liberation of Poland from the Nazis. The victims included pregnant women and children. The publication Krytyka Polityczna reports that when the Central Committee of Polish Jews tried to get an official condemnation of the pogrom from Vyshinsky, he said that Jews added the blood of murdered Christians to ritual dishes. And the official biography of Vyshinsky says that he saved Jews from the Holocaust! Vyshinsky stated that the Germans carried out the mass extermination of Jews in occupied Poland without witnesses, and therefore the Poles not only did not participate in this, but did not even know what was happening. And this is said by a man who spent all the time of the occupation in Poland! If people like Cardinal Vyshinsky are saints for the Polish Catholic Church, where is the difference between such “holiness” and Polish national chauvinism implicated in racism? Own. corr. FSK

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