Sep 18, 2021
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WHO Director-General is a clairvoyant and diviner

About Israel, Mongolia and the status of an outcast in a governed society

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, has long been known as a clairvoyant and diviner of the future. Back on March 11, 2020, he announced the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, although according to WHO standards, “a pandemic is the most dangerous form of an epidemic covering the vast majority of the world.” The disease at that time appeared only in a few countries. In Ireland, for example, the first death from the coronavirus was recorded that day, but Gebreisus knew what would happen next.

He saw everything in advance. And soon stories about the deadly COVID-19 began to sound from every iron, although the scale of the disease did not even come close to a pandemic. To declare it, it is necessary that 5% of the world’s population falls ill with the infection, and the mortality rate reaches 1%. Globally, this is 400 million sick and 80 million deaths. However, nothing of the kind was observed. For example: in the United States, a pandemic would have to be declared with 3.3 million deaths from this disease. And there, according to official data, since March 2020, 670 thousand people, or about 0.2% of the population, have died. And experts call these figures crafty: autopsies are not performed and you can write anything about the causes of death.

However, now we are not talking about numbers, but about new prophecies of Dr. Hebreyesus. The other day he gave a press conference, the beginning of which looked unexpectedly humane. It is impossible to introduce “covid passports” in the world today, the WHO director said, discrimination will work out. Some countries have already vaccinated most of their people, while others have failed. For example, of the 5.7 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines used in the world, only 2% were in Africa. A month ago, Ghebreyesus even demanded a moratorium on revaccination in order to provide vaccines to poor countries. These countries are of great concern to him. Mongolia, for example, which is nearly 98% vaccinated, does not bother him. And the fact that after vaccination in Mongolia the number of diseases and deaths is rapidly increasing, he also does not have a headache. As well as about rich Israel, which introduces the third vaccination, because the first two gave a frightening result – they led to an increase in diseases. For Gebreisus, Israel and Mongolia can be bracketed. And at the planetary level, the task remains the same: it is necessary to achieve universal vaccination of mankind.

And here the soothsayer prudently puts an end, and the listeners are left to guess how universal vaccination will be achieved. Suppose that some countries in need of vaccines can be planted, some will be helped financially, others will be put under pressure so that they do not shirk. And only after this all-encompassing achievement it will be possible to introduce a “covid passport” so that they can walk in formation and know how much a pound of personal freedom is. Because a “covid passport” is a pass to a normal life, without it a person turns into an outcast. First of all, those who deliberately do not want to be vaccinated will become outcasts. A whole tribe of outcasts will appear. It will frighten others with its powerless and hopeless life. Worse than homeless people, worse than alcoholics and drug addicts. Without work, without the right to medical and social assistance, without the opportunity to participate in public life. Outcast status in a controlled society is a reservoir for the rebellious. Although not everything is so simple with these “covid passports”. Emmanuel Macron, a diligent student of Hebreyesus, has introduced them to France since the summer and receives massive protests. Freedom-loving Frenchmen felt for themselves where things were going.

However, this does not change WHO’s plans. We need to effectively manage “covid passports”. This document should be updated every 6 months. And so that there are no truants, a control system is needed. How can we not recall the attempts to introduce quarkodes in some countries. They are the first examples of tools for managing a future ordered life. It becomes easier on the soul: WHO will take care of us constantly. For example, you went fishing for a week or two. Meanwhile, the revaccination period has passed. Here you receive an SMS on your phone. Like, it’s time to come. And you continue to fish, you do not want to give up the pleasure. Then a new SMS came, and so on up to three times. And then the fun begins. Gebreisus, however, has not yet predicted what the options will be, but it can be assumed. They will find you using the quar-code, then, perhaps, a helicopter will arrive, or maybe the police will arrive, or even an ambulance and they will vaccinate you regardless of your desire, because you have become dangerous to society. And what organizational conclusions will be made at your work depends on the humanity of the leadership. If you turned out to be stupid and do not understand what danger you bring to society, then I’m sorry …

Let’s not develop the thought further. Gebreisus will eventually explain to us all the details of the new happiness, when civilization approaches universal vaccination.

All this adjusts to a peaceful mood. Life will become more fun. There is one catch, though. The population of Russia for a year and a half was fully vaccinated by only 27%. To the bar set by the WHO of 75%, we are like the moon. So what happens? The whole world will be vaccinated, will receive “covid passports”, will walk the streets in herds and one by one, travel wherever he wants, and we? Will we not be allowed into sunny Great Britain? We will not be sold tickets to cultural Turkey? Are they going to make us shake hands at all?

It is necessary, you see, to turn again to Doctor Gebreyesus, so that he prophesied to us our national destiny. Maybe he will advise to follow Mongolia and start a competition with her on the mortality rate of the polls vaccinated?

Photo: Reuters / Valentin Flauraud

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