Jan 17, 2022
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Who and why stole the bodies from the morgues of Alma-Ata

At a briefing on January 16, the head of the Alma-Ata Police Department Rope Taymerdenov called the number of those killed in the January events. “Among the citizens, 149 people died. 11 people died among law enforcement officers. Taimerdenov did not specify the number of victims among the civilian population, who did not participate in the riots, but became an unwitting victim of the use of lethal weapons.

The head of the Alma-Ata police department noted an uncharacteristic feature in the actions of the terrorists. As it turned out, during the fighting in the city, the militants organized 7 attacks on the city morgues: “The attacks were carried out by professionally trained people who are fluent in weapons and combat methods. At the same time, they did not leave the dead and wounded, but took them with them. These days there were seven attacks on the mortuary, during which 41 bodies of the dead were stolen by unknown persons..

A day earlier, information appeared that groups of militants arrived at hospitals, where they took away the wounded “from their own.” Director of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Health Asel Artakshinova claimed that the alleged participants in the attacks, who the authorities consider to be terrorists, delivered to the hospitals of the city, after providing them with medical assistance, “left accompanied by armed people.” “They even left the intensive care unit”, – she said.

As early as January 10, he spoke about attacks on morgues and Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. “… It is no coincidence that bandits attacked morgues at night, took away and took away the bodies of their dead accomplices. They also took away the bodies of militants directly from the battlefield. This is the practice of international terrorists of known origin. That’s how they cover their tracks.”, the president said.

For many “experts” these statements have become an occasion for ridicule and accusations of fakes. Let’s leave it to the conscience of the “experts”. However, several statements by officials are a reason to pay attention to the event. Yes, the departure of wounded militants or their evacuation is logical, since after the suppression of the main centers of resistance, it was in hospitals that the first arrests of participants in pogroms began to be made.

Another thing, it would seem illogical to pick up the corpses, dragging them with them with an extra load. However, representatives of the police and medicine said that only their own people were taken from morgues and hospitals. Nobody evacuated the other corpses. This fact is evidence not only of careful preparation of events, but also of knowledge of the basics of cover tactics. Any operation will remain secret until its participants are revealed.

With the wounded, everything is clear, it is customary to “take out” your own in any army or combat group. There weren’t many dead people brought out. For three days of active rebellion, their bodies are easy to bury.

The question remains – who was it so necessary to remain unknown participants in the attack?

Versions as it was, and remains, two. Or these are the militants of the Tablighi Jamaat* group, banned in Russia, whose fact has already been proven in battles (the issue of their numbers and “country representation” is being discussed today). Or, these are special groups of the KNB, which, according to one of the versions of the investigation, were introduced into the environment of the rioters, not only as skirmishers, but also as the strike force of the riot. Time will tell.

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