Apr 26, 2021
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White Americans became the new serfs in their country

White Americans became the new serfs in their country

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If you are a Democrat or an idiot, then you believe that it is a manifestation of racism, fascism, or undemocratic nature in the electoral law to require identification when voting. Requiring proof of identity to buy a bottle of wine or firearms, cashing a check, or applying for a driver’s license is not racism, fascism, or anti-democracy. But you cannot even try to defend the integrity of the elections.

Democrats, American corporations, and the Baseball Commissioner ** believe that everyone should be able to vote – not just (US) citizens. And they should all be able to vote multiple times, casting their votes in all polling stations – which is possible when no ID is required to vote.

You can understand why this is the position of the Democrats and the awakened idiots. They see white US citizens as “systemic racists” whose votes should be canceled. Therefore, they support any measure that maximizes the likelihood of vote rigging, as the 2020 election convincingly demonstrates.

But why are Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball opposed to fair elections? What does it have to do with the interests of their shareholders?

The anti-white Coca-Cola executives are already having problems with the American “unawakened” white population. The company has a training program for white employees. In this program, white employees are taught that “in the US and other Western countries, white people are socialized to feel that they are naturally superior because they are white.” To overcome this sense of superiority, white people must learn to be less white. “To be less white means to be less cruel, less arrogant, less confident, less defensive, less ignorant, more humble, breaking with apathy, breaking with white solidarity.” To defend less is to give up trying to stand up for oneself, otherwise it will mean defending whiteness.

Try to tell blacks that they need to learn to be less black, and you will see where the arrogance really lies. Try to tell Black Lives Matter supporters not to stand up for Black. The same white people who stand up for black people are afraid to stand up for themselves.

And where is this mythical “white solidarity”? White Democrats announced all 90 million supporters Change “Domestic terrorists”, “enemies of democracy”, “white supremacists”, “despicable” Trump supporters. That’s white solidarity!

How do white people socialize believing in their superiority when they are told every day in the education system and in training on racial sensitivity in corporations and the military that they are “systemic racists”? Many psychologists note that the education system has programmed white boys to be negative about themselves. This leads to an increase in suicide rates, and the despicable deceitful propagandists of Coca-Cola exacerbate the psychological damage by encouraging mentally beaten white Americans to be less white.

The true mark of privilege is the privileged people. And these people are not white. All special privileges belong to people of color. Count them up – benefits for university admissions, hiring and promotions, freezing hiring for whites while vacancies are filled by people of color, speech restrictions that apply to whites but not to people of color. The list goes on and on.

Why is Delta Airlines opposed to fair elections?

Why is Major League Baseball so concerned about Georgia’s law requiring ID to vote, so much so that it moved from Atlanta, Georgia S. D.) “All-Star Game”? MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. stated that his decision to punish Georgia is the best way to “demonstrate our sporting values.” How does opposition to fair elections “demonstrate our sporting values?” Manfred believes that the restriction on voting rights for US citizens constitutes “restrictions at the ballot box.” Does Manfred accept any restrictions on who votes? Can the whole world vote in our elections?

Why Putin accused of meddling in US elections when illegal aliens are allowed to vote in US elections? Why is it bad if a foreigner interferes in our elections, and if he votes for them, then it is good? Don’t foreigners interfere in our elections when they vote in our elections?

Democrats say it is racist to ask black voters for photo IDs and have branded the Republican Georgia Legislature as “racist.” So why is it not racism to ask white voters for photo ID?

Biden-The Unifier thinks it right to punish Georgia for trying to allow only citizens to vote.

In other words, Democrats, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and MLB want to strip citizens of their voting rights by allowing non-citizens to vote. They think their bias against American citizens gives them moral superiority.

Trump has called on his supporters to boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines for their discrimination against fair elections.

Will his supporters respond to this call? Or will they continue to poison their bodies with Coke, fly the semi-monopoly Delta airline, and watch their favorite baseball team?

White Americans do not have an organization to defend their interests. They are used to a second-rate existence. They witness illegal aliens being accommodated in hotels at the expense of taxpayers, while homeless American citizens sleep on the streets and under bridges.

They understand that it is the policy of “their” government to replace them with immigrants. Just ask the large number of software engineers and IT workers who have been replaced by people from India on work visas issued by “their” congressional representatives because “there are not enough Americans to do the job.”

White Americans are the new serfs. And they agreed with this their slave status. They continue to send their children to self-sponsored public schools to turn their children against themselves. They vote for Democrats who put the rights of the “people of color” above theirs. Will carefree Americans continue to drink Coca-Cola, fly the Delta, and watch baseball games?

Having won this round, Democrats are preparing for the next: depriving “systemic racists” of the right to vote. It will begin in the South, where, as in Reconstruction ***, white people will be denied the right to vote or a party to vote for.

Southerners’ monuments were removed from southern cities, southern names were removed from streets, schools, and military bases, and southern literature was banned. The South is Gone With the Wind, as this forbidden film proclaims.

The next step in restitution is to suspend the vote of southerners to correct the sins of the past.

Do not laugh. This is much closer than you think.

Author: Paul Craig RobertsPaul Craig Roberts– Doctor of Economics, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Administration Ronald Reagan… He has worked as an editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek magazine and Scripps Howard News Service. At one time he was the author of a regular column in The Washington Times. Author of numerous books on the biggest problems of our time.

Published since permissions author.

Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts

* wokism, woke is a political term of African American origin. Pertains to a conscious understanding of issues related to social and racial justice. It comes from the African American vernacular English expression stay woke.

** The Baseball Commissioner is the chief executive officer of Major League Baseball (MLB) and its associated Minor League Baseball, a constellation of leagues and clubs known as “organized baseball.”

*** Reconstruction of the South – a period in US history after the end of the Civil War, from 1865 to 1877, in which the southern states of the Confederation were reintegrated into the United States and the slave system was abolished throughout the country. In most of the southern states, after that, representatives of the Negroid race also ended up in local government. In response, numerous secret racist organizations, including the Ku Klux Klan, emerged in the South, pursuing a policy of terror and violence. The failure of the Republican authorities was exacerbated by the economic crisis of 1873. In the end, the Republican governments lost the support of the voters of the southern states, and the Democrats returned to power in the South. In 1877, the army’s participation in government in the South was discontinued. The democratic governments of the southern states did not restore slavery, but passed discriminatory laws called the Jim Crow Acts. As a result, blacks became second-class citizens, and the racist principles of white supremacy continued to dominate public opinion. The Democratic Party’s monopoly of power in the Monolithic South continued thereafter until the 1960s.

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