Apr 28, 2021
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Whispers for a successful planting of seedlings in spring

Whispers for a successful planting of seedlings in spring

April is the time when most summer residents begin to plant plants. To make seedlings, seedlings and seeds take root more importantly, you can use special whispers.

Earlier we have already told about three useful and simple rituals for a fruitful year. An excellent addition to these rituals will be simple whispers for planting seedlings and seeds. They won’t take a lot of time and will be easy to remember.

“Born, cucumber, juicy and healthy. Soak up the water, give me the harvest ”.

“My cucumber, grow up, but don’t make a mistake, give my family a good harvest.”

“Scarlet tomato, delicious tomato. To grow on a clear day, to grow on a dull day. “

“Mother of the Month, great and tall. You will keep my tomatoes, even though they are far away. “

“I give to the land, and the land gives me back, and no one will interfere. Eggplants are growing, they will bring light and happiness. “

“Eggplants grow and bloom, they are filled with water. To angels to tenderness, to people, surprisingly, they turn into delicious food. “

“Pain is not terrible for me, separation is not terrible. Soon I will cry from the bow. “

“Luchok, be ugly, be born.”

“More juicy, redder, stronger – this is our motto. I do not grow up – I grow down ”.

“The carrots are sweet, the carrots are healthy. Ugly, beautiful, ugly, lovely. “

“Anyone is big, lovely and tasty. Turn into a head of cabbage, don’t become empty ”.

“Cabbage, ugly. Feed your family, don’t be lazy. “

“The pepper is bitter, the pepper is sweet. Raise up huge, lift up not ugly. “

“Scarlet or green pepper – I don’t see the difference. Get bigger and higher. “

Harvest whispers are read on the day of planting. For the most successful crop planting, experts advise reading whispers and following simple caveats:

not to lend a penny to anyone that day; to wish no one is spiteful.

Here are the most productive whispers for a good harvest on sowing day:

“In clear weather, in the light of day. During a storm during the rain. The earth gives birth, the earth rewards. Amen”; “Mother Earth, give us a harvest. Reward with grace, give abundance and happiness. ”

Experts also advise not to forget about useful astrological tips for seedlings, crops and seedlings. Use all available weapons to make your harvest richer.

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