Jul 10, 2020
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Whips: a hypersonic missile, Japan will not become a “nightmare” of Russia, even by 2030

Japan is much inferior to Russia in terms of the development of new types of weapons such as technical characteristics and combat tasks. In an interview with "Uinform" said military historian, Director of the Museum of air defense Yuri Whips.

The Network spread pictures of the latest hypersonic missile that Japan supposedly accidentally declassified. Deputy defense Minister Tomohiro Yamamoto posted a photo the secret development of the social network Twitter. The Americans called this development "a nightmare" for the Chinese and Russian air defense systems and the threat to the Russian Kuril Islands.

We are talking about the mock-up that illustrates the basic components of advanced weapons. On the idea of Japanese engineers, the rocket will have two stages: the first to accelerate the projectile to speeds of Mach 2, and the second stage is already up to 5 Mach. According to forecasts, the warhead will fly at high altitude and maneuver, which will greatly complicate their interception by air defense.

Military expert Yuri Whips in an interview with "Uinform" explained that from the development of the rocket before its adoption into service by the Japanese military held about ten years.

"They only develop hypersonic weapons, and we already have a "Dagger" (hypersonic missile), it was demonstrated, in particular, at the Victory Parade on June 24. Now end test "Zircon" (Russian hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile), which has a speed of 8 Mach, range — 1000 km. To the end of the year it will be adopted", — said the expert.

According to Kotova, Russia on duty is Avangard (Russian missile system with warheads that are launched to the target using an Intercontinental ballistic missile designed to overcome missile defenses). Its speed reaches Mach 20 (the speed of Mach equal to 24000 km/h is 20 times the speed of sound).


Avangard is flying like a race car, its even the radar can't see due to the fact that the plasma absorbs all electromagnetic rays. While the projectile can maneuver. Next year, the weapons will be heavy missiles "Sarmat", which will replace "Satan". These warheads are able to cross the South pole" — said the historian.

Commenting on the statement of the American "nightmare", the Whips said that Russia's armed forces have already or are taking a new weapon, which from day to day will go to the troops.

"And the Japanese are only the beginning of the 2030 plan to equip the army with his rocket. To the beginning 30-x years we will have anti-aircraft missile system s-600 or-700. They are able to deal with supersonic targets, even With 400 resists such missiles and s-500 is the basic combat mission," — explained the expert.

Whips reminded of the incident last year, when Japanese defence Minister publicly stated that Japan will shoot down and sink anything that moves to the Kuril Islands.

"They make my rocket for this purpose. Official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov then acted categorically against, he demanded from Japan an official apology and guarantees that the claimed Takeshi Ivaya will not happen" — said the military expert.


Defense Ministry spokesman stressed that Russia perceives such actions as aggression, and if attacked will retaliate for all potentially hazardous facilities in Japan, including American bases.

"The American strategic bomber B-1B Lancer with variable geometry, which, incidentally, is much worse than our Tu-160 flew in international airspace between the Kuril Islands. Thus America has demonstrated that it that the Kuriles had been Japanese, and she, in turn, will give them to the American base," explained Whips.

Military expert expressed the opinion that in 10 years the military will appear on the armament of the new means of resistance.

"I think that the laser is "Peresvet" we will have finalized, will be more powerful and will be able to intercept hypersonic targets, will the s-600 and, maybe, by the time the C-700 is already on the way. We won't stand still. We have created a device that can destroy targets at a distance of 7 km, and in ten years we will have funds, which at high altitudes would be effective against guns, which is developing Japan," concluded the expert.

Whips noted the understanding of the Russian side that the Japanese act against Moscow in the missile. The military engineers are now actively engaged in order to resist the enemy, to repel a surprise attack and strike the answer, summed up the historian.

Vasily Shevchenko

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