Jan 4, 2022
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While showing the child a gift, older relatives accidentally knocked the baby to the floor

the baby was accidentally knocked to the floorIt is pleasant and joyful to receive gifts. However, for little Eli, everything turned out a little more dramatic than expected.

the baby was accidentally knocked to the floor

Residents of Dyersburg (Tennessee, USA) prepared a children’s slide for their younger relative, and so that the baby would not be overjoyed ahead of time, the entire structure was covered with fabric.

the baby was accidentally knocked to the floor

The surprise happened during the presentation of the gift. Effectively tearing the cloth off the slide, the adults did not notice that Eli stepped on it. The result was predictable – the child fell to the floor. The audience both laughed at the comical incident, and sympathized with the boy, and expressed the hope that the slide nevertheless became an excellent consolation for the trouble they had experienced.

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