Nov 21, 2022
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While clearing a blockage, a plumber found a creepy ‘alien’ fungus in the toilet

alien fungus in the toiletSteve Ratcliffe made a discovery that shocked many people and may well cause someone a phobia of toilets.

alien fungus in the toilet

A plumber from Wales was called to a certain farm, where the toilet was tightly clogged. No wonder – after all, the pipe was completely blocked by a disgusting looking mushroom, very similar to the creations of the fantasy of the creators of horror films about alien creatures. Of course, Steve removed the nasty mushroom, but it’s terrible for him to think about what exactly was under the defenseless buttocks of the owners of the farm.

alien fungus in the toilet

Angel Medina Vaia, a professor at Cranfield University (England), after examining a photograph taken by Steve, confirmed that a strange growth in the toilet bowl is indeed some kind of mushroom. Mushrooms thrive in an environment where there is organic matter and high humidity.

The mystery of the football field, littered in the most disgusting way, has been solved

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