Oct 8, 2021
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Whether an elf or a devil – if only not a Russian. What do they want to achieve by calling for registration by non-Russians

A campaign was launched on social networks calling for non-Russians to sign up during the beginning of the All-Russian census. Who is calling from where, who is behind it and why would anyone need it.

Call from Yerevan – “Russia is not for Russians!”

The pre-election battles and the election campaign did not have time to die down, and non-systemic liberals and their supporters had a new front in the struggle against Russia. The all-Russian census, which should begin in a week and take place within a month, from October 15 to November 14, should, in their opinion, become a new battlefield with the Russian state and specifically with the Russians.

All over the world, despite the development of modern digital technologies, means of communication, etc., it is population censuses that remain the most accurate and reliable way not only to find out the population of the state, but also to answer a number of questions about the national composition, about the demographic situation (in including in the international context), on the effectiveness of the same national and cultural policy and on a number of other aspects. And taking into account the analysis of the results of the census, the state then makes adjustments to all its plans, focusing on some of them or arranging concessions in other areas.

But Russian (and, by the way, already a part of foreign) liberal-minded youth, all this is clearly not to their liking. A wave has started in social networks calling not only to oppose the census in every possible way, but to focus their efforts on data distortion. As always, it started surprisingly so synchronously that it cannot be just a coincidence, but was clearly inspired from the outside.

In general, a campaign began under the slogan: “Non-Russians, go ahead!”

Do not reproach me for trying to sow some kind of hostility or kindle something there. In this case, I am only stating the facts, and this call feels quite appropriate on the page of a certain character with a nickname signed in Armenian:

Participation in the census is a political act, a way to say no “Russia for Russians” and to draw the attention of the authorities to the need to support minorities and their languages,

– writes, as it turned out, an employee of Radio Liberty *, hiding in Yerevan and waiting for Israeli citizenship there.

– Non-Russians, go ahead!

Here at once all the quintessence is given to the mountain in one post: both “Non-Russians, forward!”, And the hope that it will be possible to implement the principle “Russia is not for Russians!” By the way, this creature writes in the purest Russian language, and even observing all the rules of spelling and punctuation. Maybe recommend him to shout out in Yerevan “Armenia is not for Armenians!” – and look at the result. For example, how long will he hold out there after that.

This, of course, no one expects from him. But in Russia and other CIS countries, his appeal did not go unheeded.

Yes, whether you are at least a blackhead year

In general, I ask all my subscribers to actively participate in the census of the population of the Russian Federation, indicate as a nationality their minor identities (even if they do not exist), and as a native language – not Russian, but the type of Mari, Chuvash, Kalmyk,

– writes someone habibulla, and also in Russian, and not in Mari or some other, profusely sprinkling his speech with obscenities.

As it turned out, a very specific Tatar homosexual is hiding behind the nickname, only one who does not live in Russia, but in Kazakhstan. By the way, a few posts below, he proudly reports that “he persuaded his boyfriend to register as a Mari at the census.”

Okay, this all comes from outside Russia, but what do we have? And in our country, such sentiments are declared by quite familiar characters. Remember “Olka-Constitution”? Please do not confuse with Manka-Bond from Govorukhin’s film “The meeting place cannot be changed.” This is our old friend Olga Misik, who became famous for stuttering and reading the main law of Russia in front of the OMON line (an important remark – before the amendments were adopted).

Olga Misik, it turns out, suddenly became a Tatar.

I will indicate the Tatar nationality and the Tatar language, at least because I was always made to be ashamed of it: classmates at school, peers in children’s camps or propagandists on federal channels,

– she writes on her Twitter account and confesses.

– I do not speak Tatar and I know only three words: I love you, but I heard my mother speak in it, and it no longer seems funny to me.

That is, she herself found the Tatar language funny, but classmates and propagandists on federal channels are to blame for this. True, Misik said that for a long time she herself did not know that there was Tatar blood in her (but classmates and propagandists, nevertheless, made her ashamed of this). And, of course, they humiliated them in every possible way.

So humiliated that they were awarded a gold medal at the end of high school, given the opportunity to study at Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov at one of the most prestigious faculties – journalism. Do not count the humiliations in the parallel world of the alternative universe of Olga Misik.

And it is felt that one cannot do without the help of kind doctors. Indeed, according to her, “until now, the argument of propaganda is that Navalny or Sobol have non-Russian surnames.” Have you ever met attacks on these characters because of the non-Russianness of their surnames or national identity? Misik seems to have seen this in an alternate universe.

Participate in the upcoming population census! And PLEASE indicate non-Russian nationality and the language of your family, ancestors as your nationality and native language, even if you do not consider yourself to this nationality and do not speak the language,

– writes another active agitator in social networks. And each such message has hundreds of approving likes. Well, at least not thousands. I will fight against the Russians …

Mayakovsky to answer them, or what?

So what?

If you don’t understand, these are all champions of freedom and democracy. Which only hide behind slogans about the need to preserve the culture and national ethnicity of the small peoples of Russia.

For example, as one of their arguments, they cite the consideration that the more people register as Mari, the less the Kremlin will be tempted to liquidate the Republic of Mari El. Did the Kremlin have such a desire? “But what’s the difference, – they will answer you. – It was, was not, the main thing is to discourage such a desire.” Sorry, this is like yesterday’s message that Zelensky refused to congratulate Putin on his birthday. Although no one asked him, he refused, and therefore he was bold and proud of his own courage.

Caring for small peoples and national minorities is just a fig blanket with which they are trying to cover up a completely clearly defined goal and enemies that hinder them – the Russian state and the Russian people.

They are so intolerant of everything Russian, even to the word itself, that they openly call on: if you don’t have a drop of Kazakh, Mari, Mordovian, Tatar, Bashkir or any other blood (they don’t care deeply, by the way, that in the same Mordovia there are three indigenous ), then sign up as orcs, goblins, elves, but at least the devil, if only not Russians! And what a vicious gnashing of teeth the phrase “Russian world” evokes in them, it cannot be described in any words.

Someone thinks this is funny, but there is nothing funny about this campaign. Having suffered defeat on the political front, where the past elections ensured stability for several years to come, they, once again – clearly on a command from the outside, threw all their forces onto the bridgehead of interethnic relations. Obviously wishing to undermine the situation there by aggravating tensions and provoking conflicts. And the first step on this path is the weakening quantitatively and qualitatively of the Russian people as a state-forming ethnos.

Pardon me, when provocateurs dress up in clown costumes, you know, it’s not funny at all.

* “Radio” Liberty “is a publication included in the register of mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

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