Sep 24, 2021
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Where will Putin blow: Will Shoigu remain in the Ministry of Defense, will he head the State Duma, or will he become the “master of the taiga”?

In the photo: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu

In the photo: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (Photo: Alexey Ereshko / Russian Defense Ministry press service / TASS)

Imagine Sergei Shoigu with a deputy’s portfolio at the entrance to the State Duma building on Okhotny Ryad, it is quite difficult, although a civilian suit was suitable for him before. But still, the usual image of the current Minister of Defense with stripes on his trousers and “marshal’s” stars of the army general on his shoulder straps has already become familiar, and it is already quite difficult to imagine the current army without Shoigu – he very organically fit into it. However, it seems that he is still waiting for a new appointment.

The president Vladimir Putin it seems that he is still thinking about employing Shoigu, and at the same time the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov (the rest of the persons from the top five of the United Russia list, who ensured the victory of this party in the elections to the State Duma, are less discussed).

On September 27, Putin’s meeting (in video format) with these people is to be held, during which it will become known which of them will get a certain post in the State Duma, who will remain in the previous position and transfer the deputy mandate, and who will probably receive a new one. an appointment that can be completely unexpected.

There is no doubt that, in fact, Putin has already invented everything, but in his manner he keeps his plans secret. Here is his press secretary Dmitry Peskov he remains silent about the plans of the boss regarding the fate of Sergei Shoigu and Sergei Lavrov and now declares that he does not know whether they will go to work in the Duma.

Earlier, answering a similar question, he noted that Shoigu and Lavrov themselves would inform how they would dispose of their parliamentary mandates, noting that Vladimir Putin with the heads of the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry “communicates on business matters regularly and constantly.” Presumably, the personnel issue was discussed with them in advance, and they guess about their appointments.

Shoigu had such an opportunity earlier – during the last joint trip with Putin to the Tuvan taiga in the first week of September. There, most likely, they not only sat by the fire and walked in nature, but also “frayed” further plans, including for a new position for the current Minister of Defense.

In fact, there are not so many options. It cannot be said that Shoigu completely exhausted himself in the military field, and he did a lot in the Ministry of Defense (as, incidentally, in the Ministry of Emergency Situations), but knowing his irrepressible nature, it can be assumed that Sergei Kuzhugetovich is ready for new labor exploits. Most likely, he, figuratively speaking, will put the shoulder straps on the regiment (the title of “army general” remains for life), but where will “Putin’s wind” blow for him this time? Well, not in the direction of Okhotny Ryad, that’s for sure.

– There is no worthy place for Shoigu in the State Duma, – the political scientist believes Alexander Zimovsky… – Any appointment in the lower house of parliament will be a demotion for him, as they say in the army. The post of chairman of the defense committee is clearly not his level, and the post of speaker, let alone vice speaker, is too small for him, there will be someone to appoint new ones or keep the old ones.

A “link” to the Federation Council also seems unlikely, despite the scale of the post, especially since it sits there tightly Valentina Matvienko… Shoigu, figuratively speaking, needs “movement”, which he fully received both in the Ministry of Emergency Situations and in the army. He is interested in “land”, not “high offices”.

Shoigu’s experience can be considered invaluable for a high-ranking official, he received a run-in as a minister of such departments as the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense, which implies the management of structures of an all-Russian scale. He even managed to lead the Moscow region, as they say, quite successfully. Plus a personal relationship with Putin, who chooses him as a companion for joint vacation trips. Putin sometimes invited both Lavrov and the head of the FSB to the taiga Bortnikova, but Shoigu is constantly, which indicates not only trust, but also confidence.

There is no doubt that even now Putin will entrust Shoigu with a certain responsible area, which he himself attaches special importance to. For example, he will appoint him “the master of the taiga,” and will hand over Siberia, and at the same time the Far East, under the control, and with the highest powers. And this is, consider, half of Russia, to which the hands of the Kremlin sometimes do not reach. And Shoigu will become the governor of this territory, following the historical example of the admiral of the Russian Imperial Navy Evgeny Ivanovich Alekseeva, who was called the Viceroy of the Far East. In addition, he was also the commander-in-chief of the Russian troops in Port Arthur and Manchuria. This may be a worthy appointment for Shoigu, whom Putin can give the authority to rule Siberia as governor.

In the words of our expert there is common sense, which is based on an analysis of the situation and the latest statements by Shoigu himself, which did not concern the army, but Siberia, where he proposed the construction of new large cities. Not military towns, let us note, but large scientific, industrial, economic centers with a population of 300 thousand to a million people.

At the same time, this autumn, the Russian government will complete the development of these proposals for the development of Siberia, voiced by the Siberian Shoigu, and the State Duma is preparing to allocate funds for his project.

It can be assumed that back in early August, when Shoigu “took up Siberia” (Shoigu shared his plans for the construction of a large city in Siberia back in 2020), he was already aware of the plans to move to a new position not related to military activities. otherwise, where does such activity with non-core activities come from? And then Putin also confirmed the relevance of the development of Siberia and instructed the government to prepare proposals for the implementation of this program.

Here, as a lyrical, one might say, digression, one can recall Shoigu’s decision, voiced by him back in May of this year, to introduce Old Believers into the army. “We have opened special centers, centers not only for survival, but also for normal life in general. Most of those who live in the taiga, in the steppe, in the mountains, they do not survive, they live a normal full-fledged life. In any case, I know a lot of such people, I tried to involve them so that they teach our children. They are called Old Believers in the world, but they, I must tell you, are incredibly experienced in life, handy. They can cut down a house, cut down a bathhouse, and sow, and get it, and cook, and drive around a horse, ”the Minister of Defense said at the time.

And this already now can be regarded as another “bell” from Shoigu, who, one might say, is already preparing the prototype of the new Siberian army. By the way, Siberia and Altai are the main places of residence of Old Believers in Russia.

Shoigu, who has led the Russian army since November 6, 2012, has an impeccable reputation. You can, of course, find stones to throw into his garden, but there are incomparably more positive moments. And the first, and most important, is that he was able to restore the former authority of the army, both in the eyes of society, who believed in its combat effectiveness, and the servicemen themselves, for whom service in the RF Armed Forces has become a prestigious and honorable profession.

Everything else is secondary, although no less significant. And this is new weapons, and the provision of a decent life for the military. The Russian army under Shoigu has reached a new level and is now deservedly considered one of the best in the world. However, judging by the current activity of Shoigu with proposals for the construction of new cities in Siberia, his thoughts have already moved to a new field. In the army, he did his job.

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