Sep 16, 2020
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Where to meet girls online

Despite the fact that in society there is still a skepticism about the ubiquitous presence of the Internet in our lives, it is difficult to argue with how much simpler and easier our life has become with it. Don't like to go shopping? At least half of them have been online for a long time. Tired of office meetings? Change to telecommuting. Can't stand calling on the phone? Messengers are the salvation of introverts.

The Internet has reached almost all areas of our existence, and personal life is no exception. According to Dating Sites Reviews, in a 2017 survey, 40% of American heterosexual couples said their relationship began on the World Wide Web. Especially the increase in comfort should be felt by men, because it is they who are often responsible for the initiative, both when meeting and in the further development of relations.

When meeting in the usual "offline format" dozens of questions arise even before the first "hello". Should I come up? What if she's married? What if I'm not her type? Or maybe we don't share interests? Online dating allows you to get answers to all these questions in advance - just look at the profile of the girl you like. And the experience before sending a message or like is strikingly less than before a personal conversation. But a lot depends on the first impression. But the amount of information received already depends on what means of dating you decide to use.

Social network

There are a great many different social networks today - both general ones, like Facebook, and more specific and narrow-profile ones, like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Yes, the latter have also long been positioned not just as a site with video and photo content, but as full-fledged platforms for communication and self-expression, albeit in a somewhat limited format. Don't forget about the more professional platform LinkedIn.

Any of the listed sites can be used to find interesting dating. Facebook will allow you to find out about what and how a person lives, where they go, how they spend their free time. Instagram shows more what a person wants and likes to share, what he likes to watch and what he prefers to keep as a keepsake. Twitter is used more often by those who are plus or minus influencers in some area. YouTube shows more of a person's creative side and their preferences - it is more of an auxiliary tool for convergence than a primary one.

LinkedIn is worth mentioning separately, since it may be of interest to those men who are looking for a companion in a certain business area, a certain type of activity. The more you have common interests and the closer your views, the higher the likelihood of a successful and long-term relationship.

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Dating websites

An almost obvious solution, but some still avoid it. Not everyone believes that dating site can be used to find true love and build long-term relationships, but in reality it all depends on which site to look for. Of course, there are many free mass services where there is a dubious audience - girls of easy virtue, lovers of easy sex, scammers. But no less serious companies that are very careful in the selection of couples based on scientific research and psychological analysis.

What are the advantages of dating services?

First, it is much easier for local users to identify those who are serious and those with similar interests and worldviews. Every man and every woman, if they want to find a couple, must fill out their profile: add a photo, tell in detail about themselves, their hobbies, interests, preferences, and so on. In addition, during the registration process, many services offer to undergo versatile personality testing.

All together this allows you to accurately and efficiently select potential pairs that coincide in the maximum number of characteristics.

Random video chats

The most open and "real" of the virtual ways to meet a girl. Eye contact, a lively voice, smiles, emotions - after all, this is what gives an incomparable feeling at the first meeting.

In many chat roulettes, both dating sites and social networks, users can fill out basic information about themselves, as well as search for random chat partners using tags and themed chat rooms. So, a man who is looking for a girl for a serious relationship can indicate the desired country of search, gender, topics of interest to him for conversations. to tell the chat roulette system which interlocutor he would like to meet. Well, then it is already a matter of technology.

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Of course, you can find an interesting and nice girl for dating not only on the sites listed above. There are also a lot of thematic forums, where it is easy to find interlocutors by interests, entertainment sites with the ability to communicate, as well as sites for finding a "pen pal". Each of these services can become an effective tool for finding a soul mate if you connect your imagination. The main thing is not to lose sight of the opportunities that the Internet gives us.

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