Oct 19, 2021
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Where to go in Kiev with your soul mate?

Where to go in Kiev with your soul mate?

Do not sit at home, but go with your soul mate to a place where you have not yet been and have long wanted to be together.

Kiev is a really huge and very beautiful city, in which there are quite a few interesting places. And if you do not know where to go on a date with your soulmate again, we advise you to familiarize yourself with our proposals, which we will voice in this material.

Shopping centers

If the weather outside is bad and the air temperature does not allow you to walk for a long time, then an excellent solution would be not to freeze, but to go to one of the shopping and entertainment centers. There are really a lot of them in Kiev, and in most of them you will find not only boutiques and hardware stores, but also cinemas, various attractions, bowling, billiards, food courts and restaurants, karaoke and much more.

Choose the mall that is closest to you or the one with the most entertainment venues and go there with your soul mate. Believe me, you will spend your time there really interesting!

Quest rooms

For those who like to solve riddles and do not mind playing the original game, there are a large number of interesting quests. So, you can find such a room on your own, or buy a bodo certificate and go in search of adventure together! It can be a car or city quest, immersion in virtual reality, playing with real actors within a certain setting, horror quests, completing tasks based on the plot of your favorite films, and so on. Of course, choose the option that will be of interest to both of you.

Original museums

walks in Kiev with a soul mate

There is a large number of museums in Kiev, many of which are really interesting and to which you will certainly want to return more than once. Examples include the Museum of Water, Medusa, One Street on Andreevsky Descent, the Bulgakov Museum, miniatures, the Museum of Science, Photo Illusions, Experimentanium, Dreams, and even the history of the toilet. Believe me, each of these museums is worth going to and in each you can learn something really interesting!

Pirogovo or Kievan Rus park

If you don’t know where to go in Kiev, then why not go outside and visit one of these vibrant places? Your couple will definitely like these locations if you are interested in history and want to know more about the life of our ancestors in past centuries.

In Pirogovo you can see many huts, a church, mills, ride horses, shoot archery and taste traditional Ukrainian cuisine. If you are interested in the princely period, then go to the Kievan Rus park, where you will see the reconstruction of palaces, houses, craft and trade shops that were at that time. It is best to go to such places on weekends or on holidays, then you will see a truly interesting program and learn a lot of interesting things.

Of course, there are a lot of beautiful places in Kiev that you can visit and we have named just a few of them. In any case, do not sit at home, but go with your soulmate to a place where you have not yet been and have long wanted to be together!

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