Aug 17, 2022
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Where to dry outerwear in winter: 5 ideas

Where to dry outerwear in winter: 5 ideas

Winter is not only cold, but also a very wet season. Either rain, or snow, or cereal … And we come home in wet down jackets and jackets, which, of course, cannot be hung in a closed closet in this form – you will dilute dampness in the house, and the clothes themselves will not really dry. Let’s see how to solve this problem.

Idea one

The easiest option is to leave wet outerwear in the hallway on an open hanger, and not behind the doors. At the same time, there should be enough space so that the jackets do not hang on top of each other, air circulates between them. In this form, clothes will dry quickly enough in a well-heated room. A great way out is a rail instead of the usual wall or floor hanger in the hallway. There is enough space on the rail to place hangers with outerwear that will not touch.

Idea two

Instead of a rail or ordinary hooks, a folding clothes dryer can be placed in the hallway. If there is no wet outerwear yet, the dryer folds up and becomes almost invisible.

Idea three

Wardrobe without doors. Wet clothing does not end up in a closed space, it dries in the air. It is convenient if such an open cabinet is divided into separate sections. Then the children’s wet jacket will not be next to the elegant coat of the mistress of the house.

Idea four

It is very problematic to dry large upper things on a conventional radiator. It is better to use additional heating devices. For example, hang a convector next to an open cabinet, which will supply warm air and significantly speed up the drying process. Or install an oil heater. According to experts, a designer heated towel rail will be a good way out. Yes, this is an unusual thing for a hallway, but there are very decorative electric heated towel rails that will allow you to quickly and conveniently dry large items.

Idea 5

Drying cabinet. There are a lot of pluses – the presence of a built-in drying system, which allows you to quickly cope with a large amount of wet clothes and shoes. Not surprisingly, drying cabinets are widely used in ski resort hotels and manufacturing plants.

Among the minuses is the high price. In addition, even a small drying cabinet takes up as much space as a regular refrigerator, it will be difficult to install in a standard hallway. And you have to mask it – the closet itself is unsightly. In addition, the drying cabinet needs its own source of electricity.

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