Aug 10, 2022
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Where not to poke the American nose now

Where not to poke the American nose now

Photo: Sergei Kazak/TASS

Russia is temporarily withdrawing its nuclear facilities from US inspections under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). As follows from the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow has already notified Washington of the decision.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that this measure was forced, and had to resort to it because of the actions of the United States, which actually deprive our country of the right to carry out inspections on American territory.

The ministry, in particular, pointed to Washington’s stubborn desire to “immediately achieve a restart of inspection activities on terms that do not take into account existing realities” and “create unilateral advantages for the United States.”

That is, we are talking about the violation by the Americans of the principles of parity and equality of the parties, as it was implied by the treaty when it was agreed and entered into force.

Thus, the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that “as a result of the anti-Russian unilateral restrictive measures taken at the suggestion of Washington, normal air traffic between Russia and the United States was interrupted, and the airspace of states that are allies and partners of the United States is closed to Russian aircraft delivering Russian inspection groups to points entry into American territory. At the same time, there are no similar restrictions for American inspectors in Russia, the department noted.

Moscow several times asked to restore the violated parity, but received no answer. That is why it exercised the right to temporarily withdraw from inspections, especially since the protocol to the START Treaty “in exceptional cases” provides for this.

Now US representatives will be deprived of the opportunity to inspect our facilities until Washington, as explained in the Russian Foreign Ministry, solves all the problems associated with the normal work of the inspection commissions.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarovcommenting on the relevant steps of Moscow, he stressed that they were not connected with the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine.

According to him, this “decision is a consequence of the powerful anti-Russian policy that has been carried out in the last 10-15 years, with such, in fact, an undeclared war that the United States unleashed.” The senator recalled that the Americans not only blocked the Russian inspection, which, under START-3, could visit America and see how the terms of the Treaty are being implemented, but also employees of our embassy “were restricted in all trips across the territory of the United States.”

Associate Professor of the Department of International Security, Faculty of World Politics, Moscow State University. M. V Lomonosov Alexey Fenenko believes that Russia’s decision is quite natural:

— We are talking about part of the military facilities that are subject to inspection under the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Arms, extended in February 2021. Since the American side restricts the right of the Russian military to inspect the relevant facilities – primarily enterprises where the destruction of warheads takes place – Russia is taking retaliatory measures. And for the American side, this is a painful response. Because for the United States, the main thing in relations with Russia is the problem of nuclear disarmament.

That is, Russia clearly shows that there will simply be no dialogue on the most sensitive area of ​​nuclear weapons for the Americans in the event of a conflict.

“SP”: – Biden recently said that the United States is ready to discuss with Moscow a new arms control system that will replace START-3 (the treaty ends in 2026), but Russia supposedly must demonstrate a conscientious approach to joint work. That is, they do not hide the fact that they would like to destroy us, but we owe them something?

– Since Russia has made great progress in the field of armaments, the Americans, accordingly, would like to reduce them. Naturally, they are ready to discuss.

But why should we, for our part, demonstrate readiness to make concessions to a country that constantly imposes sanctions against us and takes hostile actions by supplying weapons to regimes hostile to us, this is far from an idle question. Should not – enmity, so enmity.

Nuclear disarmament is primarily of interest to the United States. They believe (this is their logic) that they have superiority in conventional military forces, but Russia can destroy them with nuclear weapons.

In other words, nuclear disarmament is beneficial to them. And whether it is beneficial for Russia is far from a fact. Here I fully agree with Dmitry Medvedev, that “we don’t need it at all,” if the world has become different.

According to military political scientist, Development Director of the Fund for the Promotion of Technologies of the 21st Century Ivan Konovalovthere is nothing exceptional in the current situation, we simply answered in a mirror:

– The Americans have an interesting position, they say that they do not forbid us to check their strategic facilities, but at the same time they do not give visas. And how can we then come to the territory of the United States to do this.

Now this Anglo-Saxon political casuistry, for which they are famous, has stumbled, one might say, on a simple Russian fist. If you do, well, great, get it. Moreover, they lose more than we do. Because any platform where they could somehow interact with the Russian Federation, and, moreover, with the Russian Ministry of Defense, is important for them.

But the States shoot themselves in the foot every time, because their political component always outweighs common sense. They openly say that Russia must be wiped off the face of the earth in every sense. And they expect applause from us …

SP: Why are we so patient? Sanctions were introduced a long time ago, and we just now responded …

– It’s simple. Those who launch sanctions simply do not calculate how much these measures can complicate certain processes in the most unexpected places. When they introduced personal restrictions against specific people from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, they most likely did not even think about some kind of START Treaty. Especially since it needs to be extended.

This is all the principles of the American misunderstanding of any negotiation process. As we like, so we will do, and you adapt. But how can we adjust? No, naturally.

So we will face more than once in a variety of areas with how sanctions affect both communication platforms and those agreements that everyone would like to keep. Because our American “partners” have not yet learned to single out the important, but subordinate everything to the general.

“SP”: – In this case, is there any point in discussing with the Americans a new arms control system, to which they are very eager?

Our position is simple. If we create a new treaty, then it should concern not only strategic nuclear weapons. A lot of things are now suitable for strategic weapons – the same anti-missile defense systems. Means of attack and means of defense cannot be placed in different “baskets”. Again, strategic drones are not much different from missiles in terms of functionality.

There are a lot of such questions. But we have concrete proposals on how the new treaty – conditionally, START-4 – should look like.

Another thing is that the Americans continue to behave like naughty children – they say, we don’t know anything. Their position is this.

START is, of course, an important treaty, because it is the platform on which the two great powers maintain a balance of stability in the world. But we will not ask Washington for anything. This is not mercy. This is what they need, and what the whole world needs. And if they believe that they are giving us a handout, declaring that they are ready to discuss something with us, they are mistaken.

They will discuss on our terms. And these conditions are well known to them.

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Moscow and Washington concluded the START-3 treaty in 2010, its duration was ten years and provided for the reduction by the parties of deployed nuclear warheads to 1,500 units and the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic missile-carrying bombers and submarine-launched ballistic missiles to 700. The agreement expired on February 5 2021, shortly before that, the Russian Federation and the United States extended it for five years. Now the START-3 treaty expires in 2026.

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