Aug 31, 2021
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Where is Putin wrong?

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the United Russia congress, said: “I often hear that we need a national idea, everyone talks about it … I think that a strong, prosperous family in which two, three, four or more children grow up, in fact, this should be the image of the future of Russia. There is no need to invent anything here! “

I agree with the opinion of the RNL editorial board that demography cannot replace ideology. “For the growth of the birth rate, super-material motivation is needed, that is, you need a clear worldview, a non-consumer attitude to life. And these are questions of ideology. Putting fertility in the place of ideology is a surrogate. It is ideology that shapes the worldview. A worldview forms a family. And, surprisingly, the standard of living is secondary here, this is evidenced not only by our history, but also by the realities of other countries. “

About this, through the prism of the need to return Russianness and imperialism as the fundamental principles of the development of the state, he spoke in his recent material. One of the main problems in the declining birth rate, especially in the Russian regions of Russia, is the loss of the meaning of life, the decay of culture and moral norms, as well as the “knocked down” feeling of citizens, the position of their families, their loved ones, their people and their country in the world space. At the subconscious level, many young people are ready to endure material difficulties, but the lack of prospects for their children is not, which is one of the main factors of the continuing decline in the birth rate in the country. Let us recall the very recent time – 2014, the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Let it be small (compared to the Victory-1945), but inspiration for the whole people, the hope that Crimea is only the beginning of the return of the former greatness of the State. In 2014 and 2015, if not a surge, but a significant increase in the birth rate was recorded, and then, since 2016, when it became clear that Moscow’s proactive policy in Crimea had stopped, everything gradually returned to regression in the birth rate. Why didn’t you go further in 2014? The root cause lies in the emptiness in the place of comprehending the historical purpose of Russia, the lack of responsibility for the entire Russian people, the absence of a national idea. Rather, there is a national idea, it is in the souls of the Russian people, it is in the legacy of our great ancestors – the Slavophiles and the native people, the Fathers of the Church, but diligently at the state level it is leveled in the stream of all sorts of liberal flows and ideas that have long brought society to the point of losing its bearings. The liberal principles of the country’s development turned out to be inadequate to the high level of cultural development of our people. The way out of the demographic catastrophe is the transition to traditional-conservative methods of the country’s development, the beginning of which is the understanding by the state of the need to present the state ideology.

And “patriotism” cannot replace state ideology. V.V. Putin has repeatedly said that Russia’s national idea is patriotism. Patriotism is one of the necessary components of ideology, and yet only a consequence of national identity, a sense of the greatness of their Motherland and their People. From scratch, when “human rights”, transhumanism, latent cosmopolitanism and other liberal attitudes prevail, truly patriotism cannot capture the souls of the masses, youth cannot. Only simple declarations of patriotism remain, but people see the gap between the calls and the real situation in the country.

Until now, liberal approaches dominate in the real policy of the state, the artificial politicization of society (the party system of organizing power). By the way, why did V.V. It is not clear that Putin was one of the initiators of the development of the political system in modern Russia according to Western patterns. And in this too, I think, Putin is wrong. Why does Russia need such a disproportionate bias in the party? After all, they work not to consolidate society, but to polarize opinions, to divide the people according to the party principle. There is a tremendous domestic experience of the Russian organization of power in the country, based on the organization and procedure for making decisions in Russian communities, the zemstvo, and the Soviet period, but for some reason it is not in demand.

And on the issue of shaping the national idea in such circumstances, one can, of course, psychologically understand President Putin. On an emotional level, he often proclaimed the need for the state to articulate and accept national ideology. But as it comes to the mechanisms for implementing this, then questions arise … After all, in order to begin to formulate a national idea in the manner established by the current government today, you need to try to unite the non-united, all political forces opposing each other, including listening to the endless burden ” bright liberal figures “, disproportionately represented in government bodies, far-fetched public” authorities “. That is, you need to use all the so-called. “Civil society”, the understanding of which is based on the same “human rights”. Each participant in the discussion will carry something of their own, contradicting what others have said. In this “tolerant” procedure, “compromises” will have to be found, which will discredit the essence of the national idea … The circle has closed.

Therefore, the procedure for formalizing the state ideology, the national idea should be fundamentally different. Running in a circle must be opened. There are sacred values ​​for historical Russia, Russia. They are the only ones to follow, and, therefore, to be guided by those who at the present stage are a sincere exponent of these fundamental values ​​for the state. There are institutions, for example, the World Russian People’s Council, which unites the potential of all the traditional confessions of Russia, the real Russian intelligentsia. There are other authoritative organizations that unite Russian citizens on a spiritual basis, and not on a party or other liberal basis. It is these associations that should be guided in the presentation of the national ideology. Moreover, there are projects (which can and should be finalized), for example – “Russian Manifesto”. And already in the development of the national idea, immediately after its adoption by the state, when the sacred principles of the state are comprehended, it will be necessary to develop and adopt a comprehensive plan for the development of the state. By the way, there are also projects of programs.

Andrey Soshenko

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