Sep 2, 2021
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Where is Hollywood looking? Everyone laughs at the president-comedian Zelensky-Lewinsky

During a farcical visit, Zelensky and Co enjoy life in the United States, where they are now completely out of time. Numerous documents signed there by the Ukrainian delegation – meaningless pieces of paper, of scavenged money – the cat cried. Americans simply tolerate uninvited guests. Russia is quite happy with this.

A complete failure and shame – this is the only way to characterize the ongoing “working” visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States. It took him more than two years to prepare, he broke down several times and would break for a number of reasons again, if this comedian who had gone into politics had not proactively flew to Washington, where he was met at the lowest level and where he first went jogging, pacing in T-shirt and jeans.

The reasons why Zelensky was not expected in the United States are obvious and lie on the surface: the country is in a perfect storm, and now it has nothing to do with the long-boring Ukraine. The Americans are outraged by the shameful conclusion of the 20-year-old Afghan epic, the humanitarian catastrophe in Kabul, where the Americans have “forgotten” over 200 of their citizens. Demands are heard in the country for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, who took responsibility for this, for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the leadership of the State Department, which is openly in conflict with the Ministry of Defense, as everyone is trying to push the blame onto others. The US South was devastated by Hurricane Ida. The coastal areas of Louisiana are in ruins, a million people are out of power in the state, the blacks are again robbing New Orleans, where it is now more dangerous than in Kabul, and where crocodiles are attacking people on flooded streets. The death toll is growing, while the “Ida” in a weakened state has already reached New York. To think that in this situation in the United States someone might be interested in some kind of Ukraine would be the height of naivety.

Why did you go?

However, Zelensky really wanted to finally lick the hand of the current American president. What for? To demonstrate to his critics and enemies in Ukraine that he has a “label to reign” in Kiev. And it doesn’t matter that the constant complaints about Russia and the begging for money should have flown into one American ear under these conditions, and out into the other. We will not be surprised by the abundance of stupid “memorandums of understanding”, “framework agreements”, “statements of intent” concluded in the United States by Zelenskiy or Ukrainian officials in his presence – they are about nothing. Consider, for example, the “Memorandum of Understanding in the field of space flight safety, provision of services and information on space situational awareness”, signed by the US Department of Defense and Independent. It is quite indicative that Zelensky, who came to meet with the head of the Pentagon, for some time could not get out of his limousine, the door of which for some reason jammed. And they are about space!

What have you achieved?

Against the background of Zelensky (who apparently confused his country with Afghanistan) voiced the $ 277 billion needed for the “transformation” of Ukraine (this amount is several times higher than the country’s GDP), he will be allocated in reality through the Pentagon for the purchase of expired Javelin ATGMs “, first-aid kits for the military and other garbage subject to the US Army to write off $ 60 million. Plus another 45 million for “humanitarian aid”. This “generosity” is even less US military aid in previous years. In 2017 and 2018, Ukraine was allocated 350 million, in 2019 – 250 million, in 2020 – 300 million. In Afghanistan, as Biden himself confirmed in his address to the American people the day before, the United States has been spending this amount every day for 20 years!

The presidents of the United States and Ukraine covered up this shame with a joint statement (Zelensky and Biden did not have a joint press conference – the President of the United States had more important things to do). It argues that the ties between the two countries are now the strongest in the past 30 years. The document is replete with completely meaningless hackneyed phrases about countering “Russian aggression”, “Nord Stream 2”, etc. less, terribly wants to pump through its territory. There was also a vague US pledge to allocate more than $ 463 million to Kiev this year for various programs.

In terms of promoting “modern values,” Ukraine received instructions to carry out judicial reform, step up efforts to combat corruption, and intensify the struggle for the rights of perverts, against racism and anti-Semitism. The latter is simply ridiculous, since Nazis, militant nationalists and anti-Semites are the main force in Ukraine today – under a Jewish president! – the crumbling state power, they are openly integrated into state structures.

Balagan Zelensky in the USA

Zelensky, in an interview with Ukrainian television, called the agreements concluded in the United States “another very important step towards strengthening” cooperation between Washington and Kiev, and it is “true” that US military assistance to Ukraine is “becoming more serious” – meaningless and empty phrases. According to him, at the meeting with Biden, which lasted for about two hours, the word Crimea was heard “many times”. Biden, who took advantage of the meeting with Zelensky to get some rest, did not say anything unexpected, except that he advised the interlocutor to adhere to the Minsk agreements on Donbass sabotaged by Kiev, expressing their full support. Biden Zelensky was not encouraged about NATO, which Ukraine stubbornly wants to force to fight for itself with Russia. “Personally,” Biden, according to the Ukrainian president, supports Ukraine’s admission to the alliance, but some of its members still don’t want this, and the United States cannot put pressure on them on this issue.

Something mysterious also happened during the visit. Zelenskiy announced on Twitter that the Ukrainian Energoatom and the American corporation Westinghouse signed a memorandum on the construction of five power units at the Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant worth up to $ 30 billion. There are very serious doubts that someone mired in debt, existing on external handouts and due to the transit of Russian gas, will be given such large, fabulous money to Ukraine. It is also highly doubtful that the American corporation, which is in a pre-bankruptcy state, lagging behind the Russians and the French in this area, will be able to implement this project. As one thoughtful observer correctly noted, summing up Zelenskiy’s talks in Washington, “Ukraine traditionally begged for money and demanded love, but received routine assurances from a bored overlord and handouts for poverty.”

Zelensky, however, is happy about this, happy that he had a “normal male conversation” with Biden, that he did not feel “negative from the United States towards Ukraine, towards me, towards my team,” and that he was “pleased.” At the same time, the Ukrainian president admitted that he “forgot” to invite Biden to visit Ukraine, but that the black head of the Pentagon, Austin, who would soon be kicked out of office for Kabul, “will definitely come to Ukraine.”

Hooligans and profligates

The joy of the Ukrainian president in connection with the fact that the Biden administration, apparently, will not trample him from the “reign” in Kiev, cost the Ukrainians dearly: in contrast to the Western presidents, chancellors, prime ministers and kings, who were saving public money, who were content with a modest guest house next to the residence American president, Zelensky with his many entourage stayed at the five-star Hay-Adams hotel. According to his website, the cost of a double room for one night there ranges from 379 to almost 2 thousand dollars. In poverty-stricken Ukraine, of course, they noticed that “almost the entire Ukrainian government and the president’s office had settled there.” These temporary workers not only enjoyed life, but also hooligans. Zelensky’s press secretary Sergei Nikiforov published, for example, on Instagram a photo with the White House in the background, in which he, sticking out his tongue, pretended to be holding the top of the George Washington Monument. This naturally caused a wave of protest on the social network: “Not only a disgrace, but also a crime against the state”, “Stop disgracing the country”, “You are an official, do not humiliate the country”, “Boy Seryozha, 35 years old.”

Screenshot of “Instagram” by Sergey Nikiforov

And another curious detail: refusing to speak with Russian journalists and pretending not to know the Russian language, the members of the Ukrainian delegation, including the guards with stone muzzles, spoke Russian, the “language of the aggressor,” and it even got on camera.

After Washington, Zelensky and Co left for California, where he is scheduled to meet with the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, and Apple CEO Tim Cook. But, first of all, he should have gone to his true colleagues – in Hollywood, to be cast for the role of a comic artist. The atmosphere of farce, frivolity and something worse is so closely associated with the visit of this “Holoborodka” to the United States that the American television channel C-SPAN made a Freudian slip, calling Zelensky “President Lewinsky.” And that’s it!

So what?

There is an assumption that Russia should not be afraid of anything as long as there is such a president in Ukraine. Zelensky could even be supported – he is killing the dream of a Ukrainian state separate from Russia and hostile to it more effectively than any of his predecessors. His talent is so great that after him, perhaps, there will be no one to play this role – in the absence of an appropriate position. And the USA should have understood this too. It is Zelensky’s happiness that the Americans are not up to him now.

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