Nov 21, 2021
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Where is happiness, and where are the goals on the path of life

Where is happiness, and where are the goals on the path of life

Where is happiness, and where are the goals on the path of life

Defining your life goals requires a thoughtful approach, so that upon achieving what you want it will not be so excruciatingly painful for … everything.

I’ll start with a visual one.

You can walk to a house that is visible on the horizon, but not to the very horizon.

The idea of ​​going towards the horizon is absurd. Approaching the horizon – it only moves away.

Therefore, immediately rid yourself of the desire to comprehend a certain line, having crossed which, you will find inner happiness, harmony, carelessness and the absence of fears.

There is no such feature.

But there are illusions of an immature personality, through most of which absolutely everyone passes:

When I meet my soul mate, I will be truly happy;
When I get married, I can feel like I am behind a stone wall;
When I have children, I will become fully realized;
When my children grow up, I will be free at last;
When I earn N amount of money, I can stop worrying about it;
When I lose weight, I will become completely confident in myself;
When I get this position, I will become rich and have more privileges;
When I become rich, I will be happy;
When I leave the office and establish an income, I will be free;
When I leave Russia, I will live as a person;
Well, the crown:

When I find my main goal (my destiny), my life will immediately become clear.
It’s easier for those for whom most of these questions remain somewhere on the horizon. Always in some future. It is simpler in the sense that they believe in these illusions and settle down in them.

The same people who already know how to take the process of life-creation their own hands and achieve what they want find themselves in a much more curious position and they now perfectly understand me: when the realization of some goal is already here, but happiness and the absence of fears are still there.

What to do? Urgently set a new goal and look for a horizon in a new home?
Actually, the whole story is for these people.

So how do you find your purpose in life?

First, let’s deal with this “horizon”.

We all want happiness. Calm happiness and joy. This is the root of any (!) Our goal, both the one that we call “small” and grandiose.

Happiness is the same elusive horizon. We achieve one goal and do not feel complete satisfaction, we achieve another, and again the same thing.

“What’s wrong with the goals?” – the skeptic will ask.

“What’s wrong with us?” – the doubter will ask.

“What’s wrong with me?” – the smart one will ask.

“Where is the solution and what to change?” – a mature one will ask.

The horizon of happiness is slipping away for one single reason – our ignorance. For blindness. We are like that grandmother who is looking for glasses already on her nose.

Happiness and joy are the fuel of life.

And to live is a verb.

As long as you are not going anywhere, as long as there is no movement, as long as there is no realization in all spheres of life, you will not be able to feel happiness.

Hence the dissatisfaction of those who reached the goal and did not find the “horizon in the house.” They came and stopped. They walked to stop.

Calm inner happiness is not euphoria, not a surge, not an emotion. This is the state. You feel it in the background. And it can inspire and give an indescribable drive. This is fuel. Start your life, hit the gas and go. All successful and contented people live at very high speeds. But this requires the intention and desire to learn how to manage this structure. Our internal brakes exist so that we do not hurt ourselves when cornering, but this does not mean that at a certain moment we do not need to accelerate. Moreover, we are built for development and speed. And when it slows down, we clearly feel it in the form of a chronic absence of an easy and joyful daily state.

We blame the weather, the government and colleagues, not realizing that we can be happy now and give our joy instead of a painful desire to receive it from someone.

In other words, the same horizon line is already here. She does not move anywhere, she is always with us. Happiness is within, it can be activated by moving towards a dream. Moreover, happiness is the fuel without which you won’t go anywhere much. It’s a vicious circle.

To budge, you need energy (joy and happiness); to get energy, you need to budge.

Only energy practices (exercises, yoga, etc.) are not enough here. They help, yes, but if your condition is chronic sadness or equally chronic boredom, you will not move.

The way out is to find the fuel of joy in the moment now, refuel and go, so that the movement itself begins to “recharge” the battery. To begin with, you need to accept your life today, find the good in it, take this good by the hand and head towards your goals with a smile. This is not an escape, but a journey. Live this movement.

So where to go?
If the question of happiness is a universal moment, then the question of choosing a direction is already very individual and depends on the aspirations of the soul and purpose.

By the way, mind you, this is very good news. Your happiness is not directly related to the specifics of your goal, only to moving towards it at the required speed. Of course, it is important for the goal to resonate with the voice of your soul, but in a global sense, realizing that the goals themselves are just marks on the path of movement, it is much easier to interact with them: shuffle, set new ones.

Don’t be slaves to your goals, manage them.

The journey from goal to goal, when you feel joy along the way, brings you to a new level of awareness of yourself and your place in the world each time. It is this way that many people come to the disclosure of their destiny. This requires a certain scale of personality, life path and resource in the form of the ability to receive joy from the current moment. If the main goal and vocation have not yet been revealed to you, you do not need to look for them. It’s useless. It comes, it doesn’t hide. While it is possible and necessary to choose goals and consciously move towards them.

Four Key Life Areas to Realize
I have already mentioned them many times, now in more detail. What does “implementation in all areas” mean?


The spiritual aspect of accepting oneself as more than just body and mind


Physical condition and well-being

A business

Application of energy to a creative channel (money is also there, as a return)


Interacting with other people as a way to show our love

At a certain stage of life, it happens that movement in one or two areas is enough for us. And that’s okay. While we are actively on the way, our whole being develops and feels this joy. The muscles of the soul get stronger, she is no longer food for boredom. But the more you open up, uncover and mature as a person (age has nothing to do with it), the more obvious to you that movement requires all key areas of life. The soul is crying, it needs more acceleration. As a result, apathy appears. Roughly speaking, we are driving a Ferrari at the speed of a Zaporozhets, but only our soul will not let us forget about it.

Your being is always striving for growth, and until you exercise it in the proper rhythm and in all directions, happiness will overtake episodic bursts, and then at best.

It makes sense to realize your goals in all four areas and answer your questions.
– Who am I? (As an opportunity to realize your spiritual nature and recognize a higher power that creates through us)

– Who am I physically? (Take your body and health)

– Who am I in relation to the case? (What do I do and what do I get?)

– Who am I in a relationship? Who is around me?

Sketch your vision of who you want to be in all areas (for example, in a couple of years): what to do, with whom, how to look, what to feel and what to rely on.

Don’t try to write everything thoroughly. Disable logic. Take time, retire and write whatever comes up. Even several different answers to one question. Even if the answers contradict each other. It is advisable to write by hand. Then you will sort it all out and think it over. For now, surrender to the flow.

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