Sep 12, 2021
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Where did the worldwide rise in food prices come from?

In the UK, food difficulties suddenly began. Ian Wright, head of the Food and Beverage Federation, announced: “The shortage in supermarkets may last forever.” They say the days when customers get what they want are over, the supply chain crisis will “get worse” and “only get worse.”

Empty store shelves in the UK

At first glance, some trading establishments have a product. However, as the employees of supermarkets admit, it is all laid out for customers, and the warehouses are completely empty. Central London store manager Satian Patel says: “We have already decided to cut our stocks due to covid, but now it is difficult to get some products to us, they are simply not available.”

As reported Daily mail, the threat of a food crisis emerged in July. This is explained by the shortage of 100 thousand truck drivers delivering groceries to stores. According to the British Road Carriers Association, it is asking for approximately 2,000 drivers from the Royal Logistics Corps to deliver food.

Following the supermarkets, difficulties arose in construction companies, where there is a shortage of materials; automakers have suspended production in the summer due to a shortage of electronic components. Shops affected Ikea, pubs Wetherspoon, restaurants McDonald’s… The British government is forced to urgently look for a way out.

Thousands of food trucks are stuck on the roads

Newspaper Independent explains the current situation with the consequences of the “pandemic” and Brezkit. Imports of food from the continent to the British Isles have declined. To fill the deficit of European food, supplies from China, Singapore, Australia, Japan were needed. Food industry officials believe that bilateral trade with the EU will not improve anytime soon if Britain maintains tight border controls.

Among the factors that have disrupted food production in the UK, the Federation of Food and Beverage Producers (Federation of Food and Drinks) cites labor shortages both in farms and manufacturing plants and in transport companies that deliver goods.

Britain may lose its status as one of the ten largest trading partners of Germany this year for the first time since 1950: trade restrictions related to Brexitforce German firms to do business in other countries. In the first 6 months of this year, imports of British products to Germany fell by 11%.

British journalist Gavin Esler writes about the likely collapse of Great Britain as a result of the country’s exit from the European Union. In the book How Britain Ends – English Nationalism and the Four Nations Revival he emphasizes that the withdrawal from the European Union hit the self-identification of the people of the United Kingdom. The likelihood of an early separation of Scotland is high. “Britain may really be coming to its end”

Florida farmers pour milk onto the ground

Ominous predictions made by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)serving the Pentagon: “The masses of the urban poor who lost their jobs during the pandemic are most likely to riot and protest over rising food prices. It was these groups of the population who took to the streets in more than 40 countries in 2007-2008 and succeeded in overthrowing governments in at least two states. “, Says the study CSIS entitled “What Lies Behind the Worldwide Rise in Food Prices”

American Internet resource Hal Turner Radio Show reports: “The USDA is deliberately creating food shortages. They send “Letters of Eradication” to American farmers telling them they have “X” days to destroy their crops on land, for which they will be paid 1.5 times the value of the crop, or they will face the loss of agricultural subsidies. which will lead to the bankruptcy of the farm “

Biden, after the hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, announced that the United States would no longer remodelother countries with the help of military force. However, this does not mean that the “global hegemon” will not try to “remake” other countries at all. For example, through a variety of measures leading to artificially created food shortages in the world.

And if so, is the shortage in British supermarkets that arose in the summer of 2021 just the first swallow?

Cover photo: Queue at a supermarket in the UK

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